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Tesla 2, VW, Hyundai and Fastned: Flash Week

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Tesla 2: Little arrives or hasn’t arrived = – Volkswagen mini revealed on the 15th – New Kona is coming – Alpitronic rewards the Super Column: The Week in 4 blinks.

Tesla 2: Coming or not? Is this really it?

Speculation continues about Tesla Model 2, after a prototype was spotted and photographed. It was acknowledged and not granted that it was in reality Child of Elon Musk. who predicted revelation inInvestor Day From the American House he was disappointed. There is no confirmation of press rumors giving the fifth model of the range, though The price is about 30-35 thousand euros, arrive early next year. And it’s not even certain that if it does arrive it will actually be called Model 2: the American media assume and predict a return to the alphabet E model It is not just the press that is following the story closely. With a scope still narrow to 4 modelsTesla’s pressure on competitors is now limited to the upper class. But if a car really arrives at an affordable cost, I’m German competitors In particular things will become more worrying.

On the other hand, the Tesla 2 and … / small Volkswagen were unveiled on March 15th

Those who are ready to unveil their electric mini car concept are Volkswagen. date for March 15, in Hamburg in person or remotely on the media site From the German house. The title of the invitation is important:to the peopleIt says to the people. Vehicle lines will be detected from 25 thousand euros (minus incentives) expected to be on the market by the end of 2024. Possibly under the name ID.2, Even if someone ventured to come up with the name Golf (ID.2 golf). All Volkswagen employees were present at the unveiling, with the brand chief, Thomas Schaefer. In the invitation, Volkswagen leaders promised to show “How will we position Volkswagen in the coming years. in the event Volkswagen – for the people We will present a vehicle that offers a defining perspective of the brand’s new electric model. And submit The new design language for future models.

The new Hyundai Kona will also arrive this year

Among the new arrivals of this year is the new version of Hyundai Kona EV. The Korean small SUV will continue to be offered with a hybrid engine, but it is expected that it will come from electricity 60% of sales. Also because we expect further improvements in consumption and autonomy, which already In the form on sale now reach to 484 km, with a battery of 64 kWh. And with some curiosity, the price lists will also be examined, to understand if Hyundai, with the new concept models, is able to collect negative challenge that he launched Tesla. Prices currently start at 36,750 euros For the version with a 39 kWh battery and from 42,600 euros For the version with a 64 kWh battery.

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The mother of all packages: Fastned by Alpitronic

But the electric world doesn’t just consist of cars: the key ingredient is recharging. And Power It is very important to recharge vehicles of speed the cars. Alpitronic, the Bolzano-based company that manufactures high-power chargers, has decided to create a prize for The most high-performance charger Among those supplied to clients throughout Europe. And the 2022 award went to Dutch Fastend, For the loader who completed more than one year 20 thousand sessions. So we are talking about 60 super fast refills per day, Obviously, everything was completed in a few tens of minutes. Of course, such records can only be achieved in the Netherlands, one of the electric paradises in Europe, but the numbers are still significant. They give an idea of ​​how much business can be developed with such a high occupancy rate.

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