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The first war movie is coming, inspired by Spider-Man

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Building on the exploits of Marvel’s hero Spider-Man, the first film set during the war in Ukraine is on the way. Here is the theme of the movie.

conflict betweenUkraine and the Russia Shocked the whole world, especiallyEurope Which has proven to be sensitive to everything that happens in it Ukraine Attempt how best to help the nation concerned with provisions and other initiatives.

spider-man –

Spider-Man: Comedy War in Ukraine is an upcoming movie

It’s no accidentUkrainewon a singing competitionEurovision Song Contest 2022 held in Italia. The TV declared victory Kaloosh Orchestra with the song Stefaniaand get a deluge of votes from other competing nations.

This was a real reaction to the attacks Russia And a declaration by all stages of the desire for peace, in the hope that sooner or later the conflict will subside and everything will return to normal.

But in the world of cinema, the first movie set during the conflict is on its way, and production began in mid-May. mamas production with shooting a KyivAnd the group And the Irvine.

The movie will be titled The day I met Spider-Manwill tell a story Katia A volunteer after rescuing a young child from a suburban massacre Kyivto me BuchaShe discovers she has superpowers and wants to become the hero everyone needs.

So this will be the first feature film to be shot and shot in places where the war is still going on after that Sean Ben leave village He is currently working on a documentary about the war Ukraine.

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according to Anatoly DudinskyAnd the Chief Operating Officer subordinate I love the photos A nation does not need to be told about its problems only through a documentary, but also through a feature film that gives the audience an emotion and sympathy that can only be discovered through a feature film.

Cast and release date

In the actors there are the actors Elithaviza Zaitseva, Alexander Rusdinsky and Olesya Zurakievska And the Katrina Kesen.

After the movie was announced, many already speculated that the movie, if released in time, could contend for the next movie. Oscar Awards And even winning the bust for best foreign film.

At the moment, there is no news regarding the release date of the film at home and in the rest of the world.

Spider-Man: Marvel hero inspired a movie about the war in Ukraine
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