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2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick Explained the End

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Since its release in 1968, 2001: space flight It is considered one of the cult cinematic science fiction. Based on a story by Arthur C Clarke, his story develops Watchman (which you can find in the Mondadori Dragon Arthur C Clarke’s Tales), 2001: A Space Odyssey revolutionized sci-fi cinema, but it also wowed audiences with its enigmatic ending. What is often overlooked is that in a rare interview Director Stanley Kubrick explained the end 2001: space flight.

In a rare interview, Stanley Kubrick explains the end of 2001: space flight

before the end 2001: space flight The story is quite linear, with the narrative broken down into different periods of the evolution of the human race, from the capture of the stationary position to the first space explorations. The plot intensifies when astronaut David Bowman, the last survivor of a spaceship discovery mission, undergoes a psychedelic experience in which he sees himself as an old man in a bed, before coming into contact with a second monolith, transforming himself into a newborn, seen in the final scene of 2001: Space Flight Floating in space above Earth.

For years we’ve been wondering what this scene means, but thanks to a recent discovery of unpublished material related to the movie, we have a chance to see the same thing. Stanley Kubrick On this particular moment in his historical film:

“Dave was greeted by semi-divine entities, creatures with pure energy and intelligence. He transformed into a kind of super being, to be brought back to Earth. What would happen with his return is yet to be discovered.”

In this Stanley Kubrick explained to the end 2001: space flight So we can assume that the discovery of the compact mass on Jupiter allowed Dave to start a new step in human evolution, even if these meanings are not fully explained, leaving much to the emotional interpretation of the viewer.

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