May 30, 2023

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Weather warning for F1, Canadian GP: Hail and wind possible in Montreal

A few hours from the start of the weekend Canadian GPThe ninth round of the F1 World Championship, There is great concern about the weather forecast In the Montreal area. Environment Canada meteorologists are monitoring the column A very dangerous storm Capable of creating destructive winds, Sleet And heavy rain. Therefore, there could be problems considering the pre-free practice 1, which starts at 7.45pm (Italian time) on Friday. The weather report speaks of a dangerous situation Any hail can be heavy with icicles, “enough to break windows, damage vehicles and cause injury”.

The weather warning also speaks The wind blows like a hurricane and possible lightning storms and for this reason people are advised to stay indoors during thunderstorms and storms. So the weather conditions certainly cannot be underestimated considering the Montreal GP weekend, which returns to the Formula 1 World Championship calendar after two years, could be a recovery phase for Ferraris, disappointed by last season’s results.

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