Home sport Inter (Super Cup) beats Milan; Juventus alone at the top

Inter (Super Cup) beats Milan; Juventus alone at the top

Inter (Super Cup) beats Milan;  Juventus alone at the top

Juventus remains in the lead, Inter is in second place and surpasses Milan.
January has been a hot month for football, with the Super Cup, the transfer market and Mourinho's sacking at the forefront…

The Bianconeri are at the top of the social rankings, and the Milanese are in the race. It seems, even at the start of the new year, that Juventus tends to remain at the top of Primaonline's absolute rankings. Sense makers.
He does this even without (necessarily) the comfort of the team's good performances in the league or in the cups. It clearly excels in terms of interactions and video views. However, the race for podium places is more competitive, with Inter and Milan often swapping places.

Influencing variables: the championship, the transfer market and the Super Cup…

But from a competitive performance standpoint, January was a special month. 2023 ended with Juventus -2 behind Inter. And in the first weeks of 2024, Juventus' dream of re-engagement has not been shattered. The decisive match in this sense, from the negative side, will be the match in Milan on February 4, which the Nerazzurri won 1-0.

Another variable that has an impact on social activity is news about arrivals and departures among the team. January has long been marked by the transfer market, which officially ended on February 1st. However, these moves were not memorable: Juventus signed Carlos Alcaraz, Inter appointed Tajon Buchanan, Tommaso Baldanzi went to Roma, with 'Rooster' Belotti to Fiorentina and Cyril N'Gong to Napoli.

From the point of view of competitive results, it is also worth noting that the new format of the Lega Super Cup, held in Saudi Arabia, emerged, breaking the order of the Italian League calendar, with the semi-finals being played on January 21 and 22 and the semi-final matches being played on January 21 and 22. Final – Inter's victory over Napoli – 25th of the month.
But – with these dynamics in mind – let's return to the order and numbers of sentiment makers.

Juve mix appeal: 60% Instagram and 31% TikTok. The Chinese platform has a monopoly on the video aspect

As expected, the ranking starts with Juventus remaining stable in first place, with an occasional increase in volumes (+13% for interactions and +11% for video views).
In terms of interactions (85.6 million), Instagram represents 60% and TikTok 31%, and in terms of video views (226 million total) it represents 85%.

Inter reaches 33.2 million interactions, surpassing Milan, which fell to 28 million. The Nerazzurri's performance was fueled by an Italian Super Cup win and an increasingly clear leadership in the tournament. There is nothing strange for the Nerazzurri, as interactions grow (+16%), driven by Instagram and as can also be seen from the 3 best performing contents of the team, video views (+18%) where instead it is above all a TikTok video component. However, Inter's video views of 46 million are not equal to the 70.3 million achieved by the Rossoneri on this indicator.

Roma, Napoli and their coaches

Returning to the overall interactions, the ranking says that Rome (fourth) and Naples (fifth) maintain their positions.
For Roma (16.3 million interactions and 41.2 million video views) in the end, the sacking of Jose Mourinho, who was ousted on January 17, with the replacement of Daniele De Rossi (and the victories immediately won by “Captain Future”) also did not carry any weight. Too much on the social budget.

As for Napoli, in light of the severe and increasing difficulties faced by coach Walter Mazzarri over the past month, they maintained fifth place despite the contraction in the volume of interactions and video views. For the Azzurri, the contribution of the Instagram platform is also key in January, accounting for almost 70% of all interactions.

All others are over a million

The performance of Sarri's team was devoid of shame and praise: Lazio moved up one place in January with an increase in interactions (+32%) and above all in video views (+112%) collected almost entirely on Facebook, with first and second places above all. Slowly, Best Post picks Provedel's 1-1 Champions League goal against Atletico Madrid as the best goal of 2023.

Seventh is Fiorentina, eighth is Atalanta, ninth is Cagliari, tenth is the national team. It turned out that all clubs in the top ten had more than one million interactions. Turin (944 thousand) is very close to the eleventh threshold, surpassing Bologna with 909 thousand.

The only Serie B club in the top 15 is Sampdoria, who are in 13th place. It should be noted that Cagliari improved their social performance a lot (+52%) with the loss of champion Gigi Riva who united almost the entire city and not just the fans.

Best performing post. There's still a CR7 making people dream on TikTok

Nostalgia, glorification and celebration characterize the ranking of the top three entries for Juventus, Inter and Milan. In Turin (and not only) Ronaldo's influence is still strong. A video on TikTok starring the Portuguese kicking a meteorite collects the highest number of interactions, the highest in the entire ranking (more than 1.5 million).

In addition to CR7, Juventus is getting a lot of likes thanks to the now viral trend on TikTok in which players compete by showing their “jaw”, and a reel of tributes to the team's historic goalkeeper, Gigi Buffon. Overall, however, the three best-performing shares do not reach the previous month's volumes.

An important change in the balance between Inter and Milan: The Nerazzurri beat their cousins ​​with only three contents published on the Instagram platform, all of which are dedicated to winning the Super Cup.

Paid partnerships. Milan, Aqua Lite and MSC Crosier dominate the armor

Milan's dominance in the paid partnership ranking continues, which also performs better than Juventus on Facebook and Instagram. In terms of overall interactions, the best result was achieved by the post (“Can you feel the music?”) dedicated to the match against Roma, with the best sponsor Ms. Crosier.

Compared to the previous month, overall interactions increased in January, especially due to an increase in Milan-branded posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Other clubs involved in this type of marketing activity are Napoli, Salernitana and Fiorentina. There are no new entries from the club's point of view and the number of sponsors also remains more or less in line with the previous month's number. Among the best-performing partnerships, in addition to the now usual presence of video game companies, are the aforementioned Acqua Lete, the MSC Crociere, and then Coca Cola.



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