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Elden Ring, Phil Spencer reveals the game sword in his office –

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Phil Spencer I intervened on a video during the BAFTA Awards 2022 revealing something new on its now famous shelves office. headquarters. center: This is the spade spade from elden ring.

In the video below, starting at minute 43:30, shown on the top shelf, the sword is from the unusual RPG FromSoftware It’s definitely there for a reason, but it’s not what you imagine.

No, Microsoft will not make a fileObsession From the Hidetaka Miyazaki team, or at least we think. Journalist Jeff Grob said some time ago that all things on Phil Spencer’s shelf have meaning, and we think that’s true.

A passionate player, Phil Spencer never backs down when it comes to it Learn the advantages For a particular video game project, even when it was created by its direct competitors, PlayStation Studios.

So we like to think that on those shelves are games that the CEO of Microsoft Gaming thinks for some reason deserve credit, and Elden Ring (review) undoubtedly fits that description.

Maybe in an elephant’s office we’ll never see a statue the last of us or limited Forbidden horizon westbut the concept is that and we can’t help but appreciate it.

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