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“My first 50 years”

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Padua – Many Padua fans remember how his first goal of his career was against Pescara yesterday, scoring in Appiani at the age of 17 on his debut for Padua. Meanwhile, another 33 years have passed and this player yesterday reached the finish line in half a century. happy Birthday to Jovi Manora striker capable of scoring 77 goals in the Italian league, in a career that saw him wear prestigious shirts such as those of Milan, Parma, Sampdoria, Turin, Palermo, Venice and Verona, among others, in addition to the shirts of a team bearing the color of his land.
Yesterday for him the usual of a similar ritual Celebration days, with many messages of good wishes arriving in the morning and then the family lunch, but even on this occasion there was no shortage of commitments on the pitch, with the two-star cup match, the Bruges team he coached. But on Saturday, a welcome surprise party was held at a restaurant in Legnaro. “My wife Elisa arranged everything, he says, and I knew nothing of it. It was a chance to find myself with her old comrades Like Ottoni, Perrone, De Franceschi, La Grotteria and Zironelli, but there was no shortage of old friends from the city and my sons Andrea and Riccardo. Of course, this is a good goal and it is important to reach it calmly and in health.”

common factor
Between youth, professionalism and seats, about forty years of his life football had a common denominator. “If I hadn’t played, I don’t know what I would have done in my life, even if in my time I accepted any kind of work without looking at the nits, but I was in the first team for Padova at this age at 17 I never asked myself about the problem.” Here comes the first thank you. “It wasn’t obvious that I would get my parents’ approval and support instead dad antonio, who passed away six years ago, and my mother Marcela, in a period when the first thought was to bring a loaf home, realized that this was my passion and made many sacrifices which were happily paid off.” Fortunately to a point, given that Maniero has built every success with his own strength, and in this he sets an example for new football generations.

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And now away from Amarcord, starting with the most beautiful experience. “surely Upgrade functional In the first division with Padova – responds without hesitation – and salvation in the play-off with Genoa the following season. A similar result in my city, after so many years in the youth teams and with the Premier League being absent for so long, represents something special, an emotion I always carry with me.” Even from these ethical results come. “It is difficult to find the right relationship between them The team and the city, but the successes under the saint are also the fruit of this unity of purpose, as well as a group, not only for players, but also for friends who respected each other and gave everything. Even today we hear and see each other and this is not every day.”
We also stay in Padova for the most impressive memory and here we come back to the goal scored by the piano against Pescara in Appiani. “The day before with Primavera I was playing in Vicenza and then I was called up to the first team, I went on the field and scored, with a series of feelings. From there it all began.” In terms of prestige, the first place goes to the year with Rossoneri. « Playing in teams like Milan It is every child’s dream, because I used to cheer them up when I was a kid. I found myself next to people I used to see only on TV, and the entry into Milanello, where the great heroes passed, had a certain effect. I am also proud to experience A Parma Which allowed me to experience the Champions League.”
Around samplesManiero had so much on his side that ordering was impossible. “I could say Roberto Baggio, Maldini, Buffon or Recoba, but it would be too short to mention only a few.” However, there was no shortage of pass in chiaroscuro, with two odd and unknown months in Scotland among the Glasgow Rangers’ ranks. “They were persistently looking for me, but as soon as I got there, I found a certain situation, and I still don’t know why, I never played. But from every experience, even from negative ones, I try to take a lesson ».

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the future
He could be his young heir Luca MoroLike him, he grew up in Padua. “I watched some of his matches when he was in Catania and in terms of characteristics he could be like me. I really wish him a great career.” Ideas for the next fifty years? “As long as I’m having fun, I keep training, even at the lowest levels because I do it with passion, to stay on the field with the boys and give them some advice.”
A final word on the young Padua in Caneo who made him so welcome Saturday night in Euganeo, with a victory over Vicenza in the derby. free gift from Christmas. “During the party, we were always up to date with the result. I am happy, after the knockout in Vercelli, Padova felt great relief against football’s number one enemy. We wish in the new cycle, it is right to return to the value of youth, but this is something that requires patience.”

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