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Weather report. Temperatures recorded in Canada were over 30 ° C in the south of the country, up to B 3B Meteo

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In recent days the tongue of intense hot air has risen from the heart of the United States toward northern latitudes, crossing the northern border and reaching some of the southern provinces of neighboring Canada. The temperature recorded at the beginning of the week on this continent will be even higher than at the peak of summer, but if you think about it These values ​​were recorded at the end of September and the truth is still exceptional. Monday has already started to rise above 30 C in many places, but Tuesday is generally a hot day.

The heat was high in the province of Saskatchewan. Also recorded with its capital, Regina Record temperature for September with a high of 33 degrees Celsius, But elsewhere in the same Canadian state, the temperature widely and abundantly exceeded 30 C. How it happened Column Yellow grass reaching 34 C, Oh Bradin Lake With 33.3 C; To do Indian leader The maximum was recorded at 32.5 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the neighboring province of Manitoba was 32.4 degrees Celsius.

The countryside is often dry, and even the mitigation of heat can be conducive to triggering some fires in the coming days. In fact, the heat will continue even in a more modest form. Temperatures will not reach 30 C for the next few hours, but will average 25 ° C over the weekend. The last few days will experience a sharp drop in temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius A few degrees above zero until Friday.

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