Sunday, March 3, 2024

“Drop everything and open the chiringuito”: Airò from Piacenza is showing the film in theaters

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Sunday night comedian Valerio Airò Rochelmeyer Presented the movie “Down with everything and open the chiringuito” at the Uci cinema in our city. In the comics, the actor from Piacenza plays the legendary character of Giargiana, i.e. the loyal apprentice of Milan Improtito (Germano Lanzoni), who is not a citizen of the Lombard capital.

The stories of the heroes alternate between Milan and Sardinia, through diametrically opposed cultures. Mr. Improtito (Germano Lanzoni) is the leading CEO of a large multinational company: work is his reason for living. But when the deal of life fails, he becomes depressed. Buy chiringuito in Sardinia, and leave it with Giargiana. On the island, wonderful views await him, inhabited by a community of suspicious herders. The role of Airò – one of the film’s protagonists – is fitting and compelling, as already demonstrated in Milanese Imbruttito’s hilarious gags on YouTube.

At the end of the show, he congratulated the people from Piacenza in the room and took selfies with Airò. He thus denies his opening line: “Here’s the lowest audience I’ve met so far…”.

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