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Parma Women, Panico raises the level of Inter: “He played the most beautiful football in the league”

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Parma Women’s Team Coach Dominic Bannick He presented tomorrow’s match against Inter Women in the press conference: “It was a fair and long week, because it is strange to play on Monday evening, after playing on Saturday the previous week, but we trained well, the team is ready and tomorrow we will. Try to have a great race. Inter? I think That Inter with Roma are developing the most beautiful match of the tournament: they are a very strong team and play excellent team football with individual players.It is a team that knows how to look for the game on and off the pitch, made up of players of a certain level of maturity and experience, and young players who show themselves. So tomorrow’s test is a difficult test for us, like the test against Juventus, even if there are differences, because Juventus plays more as an individual, while Inter tries to play a little more as a team: because we have a defensive position, the right position above 97 will be decisive because we won’t be able To bear to make mistakes … “.

And again: “We have to be careful, from the first to the last second: they have players who can turn the game around at any moment: they have playmakers, outstanding players from a sporting point of view, and they have the organized defenders who are injured when they come to jump on dead balls. Really, they should Taking everything about Inter into account: they have very few flaws and we will try to highlight them, but technically, tactically and materially they are definitely a big club and they will fight for a place until the end in the Champions League or why not?, to win the championship.. .”, he concluded.

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