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“We protect a lot of kids who make mistakes, my parents don’t have cell phones and internet”

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Punch in the stomach at the end of the festival Rome which closes today. A monstrously cruel and objective story that puts immorality, sexism and gender violence under accusation: It’s Physical Education, the film directed by Stefano Cibani (soon with 01), based on the play The Gymnasium of Giorgio Scianna, written and fiercely interpreted by the D’ Innocenzo brothers Giovanna MezugiornoClaudio Santamaria, Angela Finociaro and Sergio Rubini. The rape of a thirteen-year-old boy at the school prompted the principal to summon the parents of the three children responsible for the horrific incident. But even in the face of compelling evidence, parents vexatiously deny, they insist on concealing the truth.

Even the women accuse the victim of looking for him. To save their children, they are ready for any meanness to the extreme. the noonShe is 47 years old, mother to 11 year old twins, she is the boss of One Piece, she is determined to bring justice to the little girl, does not accept lies or mediation.

Would she have acted the same in her place?
“Yes, without a doubt. When I read the script, I was very upset: the film perpetuates stereotypes and prejudices against women who hold the reins in the male world. It is also to tell the truth in the female.”

what do you mean by that?
“There is not always solidarity between us. Envy and competition exist and women often feel betrayed by the same women.”

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Has it happened to you too?
“Yes, especially at school. But even at work it was never easy.”

Did they charge you for being too demanding, a perfectionist, and never ready to paint an actress?
“Maybe. But there has always been a misunderstanding of me. I am not a difficult or difficult actress but only a determined and professional. No one has waited for me for a minute and I have not arrived in an unprepared place. So I claim the right to work with professionals ».

What was the most difficult moment in the PE group?
“The beginning is when I tell the facts to the families of the rapists. But the whole process was a very difficult emotional test, let’s not forget that I have two sons … I was raised very hard by my father and mother (Vittorio Mizugiorno, who passed away in 1994, and Cecilia Sacchi, editor). Today, parents tend to protect their children too much, to justify all their mistakes.”

Does she do that too?
“Leonie and Zeno are very polite. But the father and I expect them to study and directly, we did not give them a cell phone or the Internet.”

She’s not on social media either, why?
« Opening a profile? Are we kidding? But sooner or later I will give in to WhatsApp, which is now indispensable for communication.”

After a three-year break, dedicated to her family, she’s back at work. what are you expecting?
“To continue making good films with directors I respect. And I dream about comedy even if I consider myself a dramatic actress.”

When will he make his directorial debut showing his father’s unreleased screenplay on screen?
“The project is over, it’s hard to find producers.”

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Is cinema still able to influence society?
“Yes, as long as people go to see movies. That’s why I would like to collect physical education. There is a dire need to rediscover the moral compass.”

Do you carry the characters you play with you?
“No. After I leave the machine I go home and go to sleep.”

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