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5 movies to watch for free on YouTube

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Here is a selection of 5 unmissable titles to watch absolutely free on YouTube

YouTube is a veritable hotbed for content of all kinds, from entertainment to information, across thematic channels of all kinds, and of course, cinema. There are many channels that offer the ability to watch movies for free in a completely legal way thanks to agreements that allow them to obtain the rights to distribute the titles. Films of the most disparate genres, perhaps not among the best known, but still interesting and all to be discovered (or rediscovered), often led by famous and willingly loved actors. Let’s see together 5 movies to watch for free on YouTube.

5 movies to watch for free on YouTube

fatal night (1984)

Let’s start our selection of 5 movies to watch for free on YouTube fatal nightalso known as murder at night (Original title 66). Action movie with a touch of comedy from 1984 directed by John Mark Robinson He was attracted by the already young and talented Willem Dafoe. After a car breaks down, Judge Reinhold finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere in a small town in New Mexico. Life there is definitely different from what he is used to and the man immediately finds himself in a crisis. Fortunately, there is a local strongman (Willem Dafoe) who is willing to lend him a hand. A film with a rather conventional structure and perhaps a little predictable in turns, but at a steady pace and with great speed Willem Dafoe, but giving life to a performance that guarantees entertainment.

Atlantic Liberation Company

wave (2015) – Movies to watch for free on YouTube

Directed by Rohr Uthog, this 2015 disaster action film marked Norway’s nomination for the 2016 Academy Awards for Best International Film, but failed to enter the fifth round. Geologist Christian is with his family in Geiranger, where he has just finished his last day of work at the Åkerneset landslide monitoring station. When the landslide control sensors send out the first warning signals, Christian feels the situation may soon get desperate. A mountain collapse causes a tsunami to hit the town and Christian will have to do everything he can to save his family.. wave It’s a well-written and well-acted movie, with particular attention to the protagonist’s family dynamics, made even sadder by the fact that the landslide in question could actually happen.

Free movies to watch on youtube

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The road to Paloma (2014) – Movies to watch for free on YouTube

We continue our roundup of movies to watch for free on YouTube with The road to Palomaa 2014 film directed by and starring Jason Momoa. Native American Robert Wolfe is on the run after killing the man responsible for the rape and murder of his mother, while the FBI is on their way. While on the run, he meets and forms a brotherly friendship with musician Cash and the two embark on a motorcycle trip to the Rocky Mountains. During the trip Wolf meets Magdalena (Lisa Bonet), but not everything goes as planned. The road to Paloma And A road movie based on a true story With the theme of friendship at the center it is also eye-catching for the scenic beauty in which the events are held.


Roma pride

better times (1986)

Robin Williams and Kurt Russell They are champions better times, a 1986 film to watch for free on YouTube directed by Roger Spottiswoode. Jack is a bank employee who lives in Taft, California. He constantly thinks about the defeat he caused his city’s football team against Bakersfield, and to get rid of this obsession, he finds that there is no other way than to repeat the infamous game. He convinces a friend to reform the team, but the task of bringing that game back is far from simple. A movie that is entertaining and still exciting even after many years thanks to the presence of the late beloved Robin Williams.

Free movies to watch on youtube

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A quiet life (2010) – Movies to watch for free on YouTube

We close our top films to watch for free on YouTube with an Italian title starring one of the most important actors of our home scene: Toni Servillo. Directed by Claudio Coppellini, A quiet life Based on the novel “The Enemy of Water” by Filippo Gravina, who is also a co-author of the screenplay. Rosario Russo is a former racketeer who, after killing dozens of people and gaining power, rebuilds his life by working as a chef. But the ghost of his actions and his past makes him live in fear of being eliminated at any moment. A Quiet Life is a well-directed movie that manages to hold the viewer’s attention from beginning to end, with a thick screenplay. Tony Cervillo’s performance was excellent, as was Francesco De Leyva and Marco D’Amore.

Free movies to watch on youtube

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