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A dog caught stealing eggs from a neighbor came home with a heart-wrenching note around its neck

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A lost dog and a letter: these are the main elements of the story that moved the web. A young Mexican woman said: With a post on Twitter with the Señora Fifí account, she invited us to think about what happened to her. Pet in a rural town in Manitoba, Canada. “I’ve caught him stealing three times already, P.S. Don’t hurt him, talk to him,” a letter from a neighbor who caught his furry friend eating eggs from his chickens. The post has gone viral: it already has more than three thousand “likes” and has been shared 550 times.

The protagonist is a puppy who returns home after “wandering” on the streets for a few days. When he finally found it, there was a note on his back with some sort of reprimand. The woman comments: “Imagine your dog is lazy, and when he comes home, bring a note accusing him of being mean,” wrote the Mexican tweeter, who currently lives in Canada. Here is the message about the little dog: “Dear Sir or Madam, Take care of your dog who comes to my house to eat the eggs of my chickens. I have surprised him three times already. The sender has added their phone number to any contacts. There is no desire to harm the animal. There’s actually a post script: “Ps: don’t do anything bad to him, scold him, talk to him,” he concluded.

The web world responded with many comments: “I love the notes, the ‘scold him and talk to him’ detail is so cute”. Another wrote: “This is the best thing I’ve read today. Kinda funny, but the victim did nothing wrong with the puppy, asking that they did nothing wrong says a lot. I wish all people were like this. No animal abuse. And Spike now. It’s good”; “I wish all my neighbors were like this, my housemate was poisoned for the same reason,” he wrote, receiving many upset comments. There are those who do not hide their crying.

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