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Maids and Memories of Canada 2019

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Not a shared result The Lack of investigation by the maids of the Brazilian GP Max Verstappen’s defensive maneuver against Louis Hamilton caused a lot of controversy. The story did not slow down at Mercedes, which announced yesterday that it had filed an official protest with the FIA. Former F1 driver Jolian Palmer gave an interesting explanation for why Hepsiodine was not investigated by racing management.

F1 GP Brazil 2021, Interlogos: Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Louis Hamilton (Mercedes)

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The legacy of 2019 According to Barmer, to understand the fairness of maids, we need to remember one of the most discussed chapters in recent years. Let’s talk about Sebastian Vettel was awarded a 5-second penalty in the 2019 Canadian GB final, After cutting the aisle at 3-4, when the Germans returned to the path, pressed Hamilton who came rushing. At the time, the poisoned maneuver was considered dangerous in the finals of the race, and the show was ruined only if the English chased the Ferrari driver to win the final: ”You can not clearly have one driver forcing another off the road – Former Renault driver commented – I do not know how to clarify this and there is no investigation yet. This is one of the few cases in which the sentence for hacking was handed down in Canada in 2019 It ruined the competition for everyone who saw it. It was not delivered in Brazil, we had a great show, but I think it would have been an outrage if Hamilton had not won the Grand Prix on the track.”.

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There is no doubt about the abuse Despite this paradigm, according to Palmer, it is clear that Verstappen’s maneuver deserves a punishment: ”I can understand why he did it because it was all or nothing. Look at what happens when you do it: if you have not lost your position, it tries. But by doing so, it is not right to remove your competitor from the path. You are clearly forcing another driver off the road. If Verstappen is off the track, but forcing Hamilton out, it could be a gray area. But I do not see a gray area here. Verstappen went too late on the brakes, he stepped inside, while Hamilton slowed to the corner, but could not get anywhere.. Verstappen threw himself far into the corner to keep him behind”.

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