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We immediately begin with Marsaglia and Cass! – OA game

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From 10.15 Cortina’s women’s descent live

Downhill starting pipes

11.36 Marsaglia’s Hausbergkante is not flawless. He reaches third at 1.11: not a good bet. Mattia is up to the case. Let’s see if it continues to amaze.

Bravo Marsaglia at 11.35 Steilhang. 27 cents ahead in first intermediate, but 0.12 behind in second and 0.45 in third. He lost a lot in the Brückenschuss.

11.34 Dressen finishes 41 cents behind Kanong. Now Matteo Marsaglia must already be certain of a World Cup call-up.

11.33 Dreschen loses a lot in Bruckenskus (narrow street). An intermediate third pays 0.59.

11.32 1’56 “62 Kanong’s time. The American skied well: how far can he go? Now the German Thomas Dressen, then immediately two blues.

11.30 Kitzbühel descent begins! American Travis Kanong on the track.

11.29 Ganong is ready at the starting gate.

11.28 Flat visibility, it’s a classic gray day with no sun out. Stomach fur takes a risk in Streif. It must be said that since his injury in 2020, Dominique Paris has always struggled a bit without the best visibility.

11.27 First out is American Travis Ganong.

11.27 The weather on the Austrian track at this time speaks of cloudy skies and a temperature of -5 °. Packed snow and almost perfect conditions. The full visibility that the sun guarantees is limited, but the race can be run without any problems!

11.25 Dominic Paris wants to return to the track where he has already won 4 times in his career. Let’s see if the signs of recovery shown in Wengen are confirmed. Mattia Casse, on the other hand, is looking for another great result in a very important form.

11.23 What should we expect from today’s race? The usual challenge between Aleksander Aamodt Kilde and the rest of the world has been announced, with Marco Odermatt, Vincent Kreichmary and our own Dominique Paris ready to sell for a high price against the Norwegian.

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The tracing of the descent from 11.20 bears the signature of FIS representative Hannes Trinkl, predicting departure at 1,665 meters, arrival at 805, difference in altitude at 860. Length 3,312 meters, 33 gates. 58 athletes from 14 countries at the start.

11.17 Beginning list of pedigrees

1 530874 GANONG Travis 1988 USA Nuclear
2 202535 Dressen Thomas 1993 GER Rossignol
3 293550 Marsaglia Matteo 1985 IDA Fischer
4 990081 CASSE Mattia 1990 ITA Rossignol
5 51215 BAUMANN Romed 1986 GER Solomon
7 512269 ODERMATT Mark 1997 in Stoeckli
8 104531 CRAWFORD JAMES 1997 CAN Head
9 512124 Hinderman Niels 1995 SUI Atom
10 6530319 Cochran-Siegle Ryan 1992 USA President
11 191740 Claire Johann 1981 FRA President
12 291459 Paris Dominique 1989 IDA Nordica
13 53980 Kreichmeyer Vincent 1991 AUT President
14 422139 KILDE Aleksander Aamodt 1992 The NOR atom
15 511383 FEUZ BEAT 1987 SUI HEAD
16 202059 FERSTL JOSEPH 1988 GER President
17 512038 Rogentin Stephen 1994 SUI Fischer
18 54005 Stridinger Odmar 1991 AUT Solomon
19 6530104 Bennett Price 1992 USA Fischer
20 202345 Schweiger Dominik 1991 GER Head
21 293006 Innerhofer Christoph 1984 IDA Rossignol
22 422310 SEJERSTED Adrian Smiseth 1994 The NOR atom
23 200379 Sander Andreas 1989 GER Atom
24 512039 Raoulin Gilles 1994 SUI President
26 194858 Alegre Nils 1994 FRA Solomon
27 192746 Theux Adrian 1984 FRA President
28 934643 Goldberg Jared 1991 USA Rossignol
29 194167 MUZATON Maxence 1990 FRA Rossignol
30 104537 Alexander Cameron 1997 Can Rossignol
31 194873 Sarracin Cyprian 1994 FRA Rossignol
32 6531520 Morse Sam 1996 USA Fischer
33 194298 GIEZENDANNER Blaise 1991 FRA Atom
34 104272 SEGER Brodie 1995 CAN atom
35 6290845 BOSCA Guglielmo 1993 ITA President
36 6292783 MOLTENI Nicolo 1998 ITA President
37 512408 MONNEY Alexis 2000 SUI Stoeckli
38 104468 Jeffrey 1997 CAN Read Atom
39 104096 Thompson Broderick 1994 Can Head
40 180877 LEHTO Elian 2000 FIN Augment
41 54371 Babinski Stephen 1996 AUT President
42 110324 Van Appen Henrik 1994 CHI President
43 6291625 Scheider Florian 1995 IDA Atom
44 512275 Medler Joshua 1998 SUI Tynestar
45 561310 HROBAT Miha 1995 SLO Atom
46 350095 PFIFFNER MARCO 1994 LIE
47 511896 Mauritius Justin 1992 SUI President
48 422403 ROEA Henrik 1995 NOR Nordica
49 54480 SCHUETTER Julian 1998 AUT Atom
50 350097 GAUER Nico 1996 LIE SOLOMON
51 6532123 Negomir Kyle 1998 USA Atom
52 6531444 Arvidson Eric 1996 USA President
53 6190179 ALPHAND Nils 1996 FRA President
54 6291053 ZAZZI Pietro 1994 ITA Solomon
55 54438 Blower Andreas 1997 AUT Fischer
56 104708 Alexander Kyle 1999 Can Rossignol
57 221053 Stoodle Roy-Alexander 1993 The GPR atom
58 240148 SZOLLOS Barnabas 1998 ISR Kaestle

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11.14 Classification of 2023 World Cup

1 Mark Odermatt Switzerland 1186
2 Alexander Amot Gilde Norway 846
3 Henrik Kristoffersen Norway 665
4Vincent Kreichmeyer Austria 532
5 Lukas Pratan Norway 525
6 Loïc Meillard Switzerland 507
7 Alexis Pinturault France 437
8 Manuel Feller Austria 406
9 Marco Schwarz Austria 377
10 James Crawford Canada 319

11.11 Special Classification: Downward

1 Alexander Amod Gilde Norway 505
2 Marco Odermatt Switzerland 386
3 Vincent Kreichmeyer Austria 319
4 James Crawford Canada 223
5 Johann Claire France 183

The 11.08 Kitzbühel weekend event is the first of two descents today, while the weekend concludes with the slalom on Sunday. No less than two races for Jet Men in Streif, truly a treat for ski enthusiasts!

11.05 The eagerly awaited races begin at the legendary Streif in the first of two scheduled speed tests. How did the two training sessions last few days go? Ryan Cochran-Siegle was the first to look fast, and Cyprien Sarrasin took the top spot yesterday. In other words, many people want to hide …

11.00 Hello and welcome to Kitzbühel, the first descent into the Streif starts in exactly half an hour.

Fixtures, Schedules and Today’s TV – World Cup Standings

Good morning and welcome to OA Games friends First descent live from Kitzbühel (Austria) valid for the 2023 Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup. The long weekend in the legend of the “Strife” collapse officially opens and things get very serious. After the two rounds of the last few days, today the speed experts will compete for the first victory on one of the tracks that all the speed experts want to win at least once in their life.

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First descent of the Hahnenkamm weekend in Streif It starts at 11.30 This will allow us to understand whether what we have seen in the last few days’ two tests will be confirmed or not, or whether many athletes like to hide according to tradition. How is Alexander Amot Gilde doing, the ruler of the season in terms of pace and after winning at Wengen a few days ago, is ready to make his mark in Kitzbühel as well.

Obviously, the Swiss beat fuse deserves a lot of attention, he will end his amazing career in Streif. The reigning Olympic champion, in fact, announced his retirement this weekend. On the Italian front, we will see Dominic Paris in action again (already on the track where he has won 3 times downhill and once in Super-G), trying to understand if the good signs seen in Wengen will be confirmed, while Mattia Gass and company will try to shed some more light.

The first descent of the Kitzbuehel weekend starts at 11.30. OA Sport brings you live streaming of the race so you never miss a single second of the Streifil White Circus.

Photo: LaPresse

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