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Finland is under attack by hackers and violates its Russian airspace, Il-96-300, after announcing: “Access to NATO is required soon”

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there Finland announces its close to request entrance BoyAnd in a few hours before I Websites subordinate Government The Scandinavian country is suffering pirate attack Then the Ministry of Defense announces a violation of Airspace by government plane RussianIl-96-300, for three minutes off the southern coast of the country.

“Russian nuclear-armed aircraft violated Swedish airspace”.

Finland: “Application to join NATO soon”

All this on Ukrainian President’s Day Volodymyr Zelensky He gave a speech before the Finnish Parliament in which he asserted: “Russia will behave in your country the same way it does in Ukraine. In your history, you have seen the Russian invasion of your country. The threat remains.”

Double “attack” on Finland

The government portal and websites of the Finnish Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs have reportedly been subjected to cyber-attacks: users cannot access them. On several occasions, in the recent past, Russia has fairly explicitly warned the Scandinavian country to abandon the possibility of requesting entry to the Boy. To add to the growing tensions between the two countries, there is also the fact that Finland has expelled two Russian diplomats and today suspended third-party visas as a form of protest against the invasion of Ukraine.

Finnish position

The last one who emphasized how Finland wanted to break the delay and asked to be part of NATO was the former Prime Minister Alexander Stabb Under which the official announcement will be a few weeks away.Red Army In the Winter War of 1939, it was never a member of NATO, preferring to organize itself for protection.

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But since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, opinion polls conducted by Finnish media have shown a rapid shift in public opinion with a majority now in favor of membership.


Finland has chosen to remain neutral since World War II, choosing to act as a buffer between East and West when Europe was divided during the Cold War. An option that gave the country more flexibility in its foreign policy and allayed Russia’s fears of Western expansion.

Russian threats

Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy Peskov Just yesterday he indicated that if Finland And the Sweden Russia, upon joining NATO, must “rebalance the situation” with its own actions: another caveat. The possibility of Finland and Sweden joining NATO was part of the discussions between the two foreign ministers of the military alliance in Brussels this week. Finnish Foreign Minister Becca Havesto He said the next few weeks will be crucial. Approval of the application may take from four months to a year.

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