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Why are taxis in Italy white? Few know the reason for this color

Why are taxis in Italy white?  Few know the reason for this color

A curiosity that few know the answer to. Why are taxis in Italy white? Let’s find out why together.

White taxis in Italy – Viaggi.nanopress.it

It is one of the most used means of transportation in the world. Not without some controversy over definitions. Taxis have been a part of our culture for many years. And each country has a different color. If we asked you to explain the reason for the white color that characterizes Italian cars, would you be able to explain why? In fact, few of us have stopped to think about it. Let’s see why together.

Because taxis in Italy are white, here’s why

Undoubtedly one of the most used modes of transportation in the world due to its convenience. Certainly not the cheapest, especially when compared to the metro or bus. However, taxis are very useful when you don’t have time to make several transfers to get to a remote part of the city where you are.

Or when you don’t know the place very well and are afraid of getting lost in the maze of other public transport. The first examples of this type of rental service with chauffeur seem to be They were recognized as early as the nineteenth century. If you think about it even before that it was used in some areas, like London or Paris, horse carriages;

The first cars used for these transmissions were called Broughams. A name popular in Europe that was sometimes written as Broom.

Why are taxis in Italy white – travel.nanopress.it

To come up with the name of a taxi or a taxi, it will take several years. The word’s etymology is likely an abbreviation of taximeter, in French taximetre, in turn derived from the Latin, where it denotes the word tax. Even today, however, many argue that the term derives from an Italian word.

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It seems in fact that Torquato Tasso and his family took care of postal transport in Europe and part of the family who lived in the Habsburg Empire gave the name to taxis.

Until now, the cars we used to see around our cities, They are white in colour. Now we are so used to it that we don’t know what exactly caused this color. And many of us have never wondered why taxis in Italy are white.

The answer is simpler than you already think, and it has to do with it Vehicle recognition.

Recognition of taxis in our country

Essential to becoming part of a taxi service is the fact that the car can be instantly recognized by customers, even from afar and in traffic. To call them and note when the car arrived, ready to pick them up as required.

To facilitate this practice, the cars are obviously equipped with an indicator on the roof, a name and number on the side, and a unique colour. White is an option dating back Accurate indications for DM 11/19/1992. If we talk about cars registered for the first time after 12/31/1992. Other than that, we say that vehicles registered later may also have different colors.

At the national level, only color is defined, while other distinguishing characteristics are region-specific. Schedules, tariffs, and other features are based on specific regulations that vary according to the license issued from city to city. License that must appear on the backas well as specifying which company the car belongs to.

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Typical taxi sign – Viaggi.nanopress.it

And in other countries? In the United States, taxis change color depending on which company they belong to. So you can find the yellow taxis that are marked, with yellow, but also the checked taxis, which are instead black and white or white and yellow. In London, the typical black still remains today, and has been an iconic color for many years now.

If instead we go to Hong Kong, we will notice another peculiarity. Here the taxis are in three different colors depending on the area covered by the vehicle. So we can find red, green or blue cars.