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Home lighting can affect our health, scientific study analyzes the effects of LED light on vision. Find out which lights to choose for your home.

In this period, more and more Italians are interested in consuming at home, due to the energy crisis and rising prices. Many consider the consumption of household appliances to save money, since it has a greater impact on consumption, but few pay attention to home lighting.

Choosing the type of lights is important not only for economic aspects and electrical consumption, but also for the home environment, our mood and our health. In fact, a recent scientific study examined the effect of light on health, in particular LED lights.

Before discovering the effects of this light on our eyesight, we will analyze the advantages of having this lighting system in the house. In fact, LED lights are not only useful from an economic point of view.

LED lights advantages

If you need to improve your home lighting, you will consider choosing LED lights. Let’s start by saying that many of the advantages of light bulbs derive from their work, which depends on the emission of photons by diodes that are powered by an electronic circuit. This allows to obtain different colors of light, and a very high throughput and duration.

LED lights ensure greater energy efficiency, such as Consumes up to 90% less than old incandescent bulbs. In fact, they use very little energy than an incandescent or halogen bulb, generating five times higher luminous flux.

The heat development is also very small. that they It remains cold even after several hours It can run on renewable energies because it requires minimal energy consumption.

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On average they have one 10 times longer duration Compared to fluorescent lamps, 133 times higher than incandescent lamps. The duration is actually estimated to be around 50,000 hours and 10,000 hours for those with monochromatic light.

Unlike other lamps, it is Highly resistant to shocks and pressures. The lamps are resistant to heat, moisture, and dust as no fragile components such as glass, filaments, or gas are used. It is well protected inside an epoxy resin casing. This feature also makes it suitable for applications in extreme conditions.

LED lamps does not generate heatBeing cool to the touch, there is no risk of burns if we touch it. We can leave it on for hours without negative consequences like fires.

Unlike compact fluorescent lamps, Does not contain toxic elements Such as mercury, which is potentially harmful to the environment. The absence of UV emissions allows for LED sources It does not attract insects. In addition to It is recyclableIt can be considered as a kind of green and environmentally friendly lighting.

The lamps have one Variety of colors The base, which can be combined to produce endless tones. The emission spectrum can be obtained by adapting it to specific needs. For example, it can also be used for grow indoors small plants Aromatic or botanical.

Problems with your eyesight?

Currently, studies, such as the one published in the online journal Free Radical Biology & Medicine, are cause for concern Effects of LED light exposure on mice Used as guinea pigs. This study concluded that The phototoxicity of retinal LEDs is characterized by significant damage to photoreceptors after 18 continuous hours of exposure.“.

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In this, as in others, experience It has not been performed directly on humans And what’s more, it assumes excessive and unrealistic use. So at the moment there is not enough information to say that LED light is harmful to human eyesight.

The law also requires the manufacturer Indicate the hazard class of the lamp Designers or installers should be aware of the limitations of the different classes.

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