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Ciocciaro talks to chef Giovanni Scarchili at Supino, Canada

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In recent days, hundreds of doque blanches have filled one of the conference rooms at the Crowne Plaza in Rome for its annual conference.National Assembly. It saw the participation of not only chefs who brought the cuisine of Bell Base beyond national borders, but also representatives of companies and distinguished guests. The Discussion It touched on possible and perhaps urgent topics such as the introduction of artificial meat into the market and the standardization of wine packaging. The Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Francesco Lolloprigida, spoke on these topics, highlighting the importance of tradition.Italian products.

Senator Gian Marco Centinaio also spoke about the same issues. Professor Giorgio Calabrese also spoke about artificial feeding. But in one Chef Traditions Dignitaries can’t miss good food and good wine. So after discussion, in the name ofAnd true Italianness, members and guests were able to enjoy a moment of comfort with the piano notes of musician Giovanni Ascensi. Chef Giovanni Scarchili, who has been president of the association for many years, was one of the key figures in attendance. Supino left for Canada in February 1974, where he proudly brought Chiocyaria food types, Scarchilli has made spreading the flavors of his homeland a real-life mission. We interviewed him for a few days in Italy, during the conference, to learn his story and the arrival of Sciocciara cuisine on Canadian tables.

Chef, how do you approach the topics discussed at the Rome conference?
“The kitchen can be re-presented in a modern key and should be rethought, but I believe that chefs should promote the values ​​of traditional dishes. And, in my case, above all, chiocciara».

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What brought Ciocciaro to Canada?
“Although it is not always easy to find the same ingredients as we have in Italy, I always combine my dishes with Chiocciara, trying to replicate as faithfully as possible what our mothers first taught us. For example, homemade pasta like fettuccine or fini fine. Always strictly handmade».

Do you have local produce that you bring to your kitchens?
“As far as wines are concerned, I’ve always been a fan of Cheznese del Biglio. My restaurant was the first to offer it. During this period, I’ve been working on a project with my cousin, the owner of the “Scorchili” dairy, to try to bring our dairy products to Canada. The country has an important presence of Ciociari and everyone They want to keep the products of their land. It helps to improve our products to show our love for our origin. In Toronto we are supported by the Sciocciaro Club».

What is its story?
“I left Supino fifty years ago, looking for something new, like all immigrants. I soon introduced myself to the world of catering. At that time, Italian food practically did not exist in Canada, especially in terms of products. When I arrived there were only three Italian restaurants, but very few Italian restaurants. , and they all improved. Today people travel more and learn new things, making life easier for the restaurateur. But in the beginning we were forced to cook “Italian” dishes that were a little Italian. Basically we did what the customer asked. If you build a certain relationship with the customer, you can recommend something else. And can prescribe, but this is a very slow process».

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“Looking for something new,” he said. Did you find your vocation for cooking after you left?
“I came to Canada with a diploma as an electronics specialist, but it wasn’t a job that paid enough. I met a guy who was a waiter in an Italian restaurant and he introduced me to the owner. I started washing dishes because there were no waiter jobs. Like many people, when you arrive you do what others don’t want to do. to do. I started with a very humble job, but the positive thing was that we ate well. And it didn’t take long to understand that my path was catering. However, at that time, I was not qualified for this job, so I went to night school. I studied accounting, basic I studied cooking, bartending. After a couple of years I was ready. Today I run a business called “Il Vesuvio” with a partner. We’ve been running this restaurant for about forty years. Twenty-five years ago I became a member of the Italian Chef Association of Canada, and four years later I Elected president, I continue my mission of spreading Italian cuisine, and above all Sciocciaria cuisine, in Canada».

what are you doing today
“I sold my restaurant ten years ago, but I have always been in the field. I decided to open a cooking school in Milton at the restaurant “Pasculino”, where I conduct cooking classes for adults. I teach very “good” recipes, and my students learn gnocchi, fine noodles, fettuccine. , enjoy mashing pappardelle etc. All this to further my work in the name and respect of traditional cuisine.

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