April 23, 2024

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Cyclists are furious at work in the first photos of the set

Cyclists are furious at work in the first photos of the set

I’m working on Mad Max: angry Continue silently and steadfastly: the movie with Anya Taylor-Joy as Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road is slowly taking shape, as evidenced by the first leaked images from the set in these hours, in which we immediately found a situation we know all too well.

George Miller, you know, was aiming for big goals as always for this introduction: the director Failed to sign Tilda Swintonwho according to rumors he desperately wanted in the cast, but would still be able to count on a star-studded cast led by two names that aren’t as bad as Chris Hemsworth and the aforementioned Anya Taylor-Joy.

However, neither the Thor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe nor the star of The Witch and Last Night appeared in Soho. In the first pictures We’re talking in the beginning: The footage in question is enough to make us relive the desert and dusty atmosphere of Miller’s saga, with that adrenaline-fueled, grueling desert portrayed with all its might in Mad Max: Fury Road, which we hope keeps that effect intact in this prequel as well. .

desert biker gangsSo: Did you expect anything else from these first images of Mad Max: Furiosa? We definitely do! Let’s see, meanwhile, What Chris Hemsworth said About his new adventure in the world of Mad Max.

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