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We Are Not Atlantis Tile – Sustainability

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Aquileia will host, for the third year in a row, on September 24 and 25, We Are Not Atlantis Tile – Sustainability, a festival born in 2020 conceived by Piero Zerbin, Aquile businessman from historic Mosaico Cocambo, with the help of Cristina Lambiase, One Planet Network expert. As of this year in the hands of the Municipality of Aquileia, the event has been enriched by the arrival of the Giant Trees Foundation on the Scientific Committee and with the support of PromoturismoFvg, Aquileia Foundation, Arpa Fvg and So.Co.Ba. and the National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia.

Created in collaboration with the Animaimpresa Association, the festival is sponsored by ASviS, a partner in European Sustainable Development Week 2022 and the United Nations Decade for Restoration and ACT4SDGS World Week programs.

The program is full of interventions, workshops and many other additional initiatives, to follow the 360-degree sustainable development challenge. Aquileia will be enriched by the contribution of many international voices from the scientific and cultural world, while strengthening the expertise of regional entrepreneurship and youth associations committed to sustainability.

This initiative, in addition to full gender equality on stage, is emissions-free, thanks to carbon footprint monitoring by Arpa Fvg and proportional offsetting with a project sponsored by the Giant Trees Foundation. This year’s theme is Ascension: we will attempt to explore human existence in relation to the Earth, venturing on a journey between the inner and outer universe, in a constant aspiration for height and ecological harmony. Keywords: planet, history, science and economics.

The journey begins with the intervention of explorer Andrea Maroy, Scientific Director of the Giant Trees Foundation, who will present at the national preview the results of the South American Expedition 2022, supported by the festival: four months in the Amazon rainforest between Peru, Ecuador and Brazil to measure and study giant trees.

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Incredible discoveries and new evidence why planting trees and destroying ancient forests is not the answer. Next, exclusively in Italy, Tatiana Espinosa, Peruvian, Director of the NGO Arpio Peru, Environmental Engineer and recipient of the Jane Goodall Hope Prize and Inspiration Ranger from the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the Merit Award for Women in 2020 from the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations. Peru. He defends the indigenous trees of the Peruvian Amazon at great personal risk to train indigenous park rangers.

For the first time in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the festival will have the honor of hosting the international UN Environment Agency Unep with an intervention linked to the terrestrial ecosystems that must be defended. Environmental futurist Joyce Pereira, Brazilian, will speak with Maurizio Vermilia of the University of Trieste, former rector until 2019, talking about global warming and cognitive attitudes to humans and their culture. In the afternoon, Silvia Piranomonti of the National Institute of Astrophysics in Rome will be speaking against Marco Anzovino, winner of national composition awards such as the Recanati Prize and the Song of Composer Prize. She is followed by Rita Oriima of the University of Salento, where she studies underwater archeology, in dialogue with Desa Sentazzo who uses dye plants in her works, to tell the beauty between art and nature.

On Saturday afternoon, a roundtable on spiritual sustainability will be held at the Archaeological Museum of Aquileia: the University of Udine will have a dialogue with Emilio Rigatti, with Andrea Bellavite, Director of So.Co.Ba. and with Christina Lambiasi and Nicolo Anissa, a PhD student at the University of Udine Trieste.

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This edition of the festival considers young people as heroes, with a dedicated area for them: “Planet Z”, a set of testimonies that, thanks to the intervention of Luigino Bruni, Professor of Economics at Lumsa, will connect with the world conference The Francesco Economy.

On the afternoon of Sunday 25th September, it will be a moment for Doro Gjat, the environmentally and territorially sensitive rapper who appeared with the song at COP26 in Glasgow with Project Anthropoceno! By Project Gotan. Besides the lively program on the stage, several workshops are scheduled for Sunday 25 with a children’s area curated by Pro Loco Aquileia together with civic and environmental associations – youth departments, urban art and bio-music artists. Among the champions: Giant Trees Foundation, Legambiente Youth Fvg, Greenpeace Trieste, NoPlanetB, Menti Libera, CeVI FVG, ASC FVG, WWF Trieste, Krama Mercanti di Storie, Net-Education, Animaimpresa – Gruppo Giovani Y Revolution, Foce del Tagilamo.

The future belongs to the new generations and that is why many activities are dedicated to them to conclude with a special theatrical performance in the evening, Poems from Inside the Earth for Positive Theatre. The two days will also be enriched by the presence of many small businesses and producing voices for the region with a vital interest in the common good and sustainability.

The festival is free and open to all: citizens, businesses and associations, all of whom are invited to make their own contribution to the territory and to the challenges of sustainability.

The full program is running

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