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Football, Serie A: Monza back, Fiorentina extended. Picnic Udinese with Cremonese

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At 15.00 today, Sunday, April 23, two Serie A matches are played, valid for the 31st round. Monza U Power’s stadium doors opened Fiorentina, while Cremonese was welcomed by Udinese. Brianzoli’s team, after an exciting comeback, managed to establish themselves for him 3-2. Pesina and his teammates 0-2 in the first 13 minutes, first tied the score and then ended the discussion.

Viola’s defense leaked from all sides today as well as in the Conference League. Now the two teams take one point: Monza at 41, Fiorentina at 42. As for Udinese, he went along with Cremonese: 3-0 with all the goals scored in the first half and the darkness of the field, in terms of salvation, for Ballardini and his men.

Football, Series A: Match Stories

Monza Fiorentina

first half

The match begins at the U Power Stadium and the visitors, led by coach Vincenzo Italiano, get off to a solid start. Indeed, in the eighth minute, Viola took the lead: Biraghi took a corner kick from the left, not letting Kwame Pesina get in the way and heading in the ball. Immediately 0-1 and showers of snow for the hosts, who after only 5 minutes, in complete confusion, score the second goal. Dodi runs on the right wing and serves Kwam. The Ivorian kicks with his left foot, but Saponara reaches the track, stops the ball, and clears Di Gregorio. 0-2 kills the Tuscans who make Monza dizzy. In the 22nd minute, the Brianza players were seen for the first time, with a header from Caldirola that was deflected by Terraciano.

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in the 26th minute The turning point comes From the match and Rafael Palladino’s men reopened the match. A great play by Caprari, who sowed panic in the penalty area, shot it back by Terraciano, who missed and sent the ball into Biraghi’s back. The ball into the net and 1-2 lucky. Monza is growing more and more and in 43rd place it comes 2-2: Long delay by Di Gregorio, Motta is faster than the Tuscan goalkeeper and Martinez Quarta and anticipates the right-footed players, evening the score. In extra time, the hosts score 3-2, which is canceled by VAR due to Pescina’s overturn

the other half

In the second half, Palladino’s men started strongly and after only 5 minutes Colpani devoured the third goal: a great work from Monza, the ball controlled by the player in the penalty area (he should have kicked it first) and shot wide. In the 57th minute, the penalty kick went to Monza. Amrabat interferes badly with Motta and shocks him in the area: the referee does not doubt him and sets the penalty kick. Captain Pessina kicks from eleven meters and remains frozen: 3-2, return finished. In the 66th minute, Di Gregorio Sutil’s feat saved with his feet. In the 84th minute Caldirola hit the post after a corner kick and Spezza Izzo. The match ends with a score of 3-2.

Odines Cremon

first half

From the first moments of the match, Cremonese seemed absent and Udinese immediately took advantage of that. In the second minute it was the Friulians who took the lead. Great possession and roll of the ball for the hosts, Samardzic tries the shot from the edge and sends the ball into the bottom left corner: it’s 1-0. The visitors meet for the first time in the 9th minute. Valery crosses from behind, and Zadgut leaves, but misses the goal.

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In the 15th minute, Udinese again came out on top with Lovric, who led Karnicki. On the twenty-seventh day, the doubling occurs From Sutil’s men. Samardzic crosses in the middle of the area from the left, Perez arrives there with a header and Lombard’s goalkeeper kicks: 2-0. Don’t worry about Cremonese, Udinese and others The 36th minute comes the third goal. Bijol starts long and finds success freezing Carnesecchi right-footed with a goal. The first half ends 3-0.

the other half

In the second half, the tempos slowed down and the coach of Ballardini’s eleven struggled to build exciting and dangerous moves, so much so that it was the hosts who saw each other the most. First in the 55th minute Ehizibo made Karnicki sweat, then still Beto found the gray-red goalkeeper competition. In 83 beto missing poker cm. Not much happened and Cremonese showed themselves ahead in the 94th minute with Avina Gyan unable to throw them in despite a foul after a corner kick by Silvestri. The match ends 3-0.

Photo: La Presse

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