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Postal books, risk of closing if by March 29th …

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Postal ledger is a very common form of savings. But there are some deposits that may be at risk as of March 2022


It has undoubtedly happened to many, such as children on birthdays or a teen when some important milestone has been accomplished: a family member or friend decides as an opening gift Postal savings account. because? First of all, until about 15 years ago, postal ledger interest rates were very useful, especially in the face of zero costs. Then over time, things changed a bit, and profits were taxed. In addition, interest rates are not high anymore.

But in any case, helping one is still a good gift A minor to start an independent life. The problem appears when you do forget From the passbook, especially since we were told that the longer you wait, the more money you have in your account. In this case, nothing could be more wrong.

Postal books, what books are at risk?

Bonds with interest
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They are called me sleep brochuresThey are the ones who don’t move before More than 10 years. Even more than 10 years without surgery. This is not uncommon. Poste Italiane warns with a press release all holders of savings ledgers that have not been dealt with for 10 years on the date of August 31, 2021 and November 30, 2021. In fact, all deposits that have not been transferred for at least 10 years are expected to come in turns off automatically. This is the effect of legislation that defines inert sediments.

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The legislation also states that extinction will be automatic if you enter 180 days No written transaction or communication is recorded by calling from the post office or bank. even from out March 29, 2022 You will not reply to the message, and will not perform any mail operations He will lose the entire amount from a savings account.

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Otherwise, just go to the post office for a simple check of the deposit of Reactivate Libretto. Anyway, if you arrive late, don’t worry. Even if the ledger is lost, the money can be recovered by making one QUESTION FOR CONSAP.

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