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Watch movies on Saturday, April 15th, in prime time and late evening

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What movies are on TV tonight? Here she is to us Complete TV guide with the best movies Tonight, Saturday, April 15, 2023, airs in primetime and late evening on major free-to-air TV channels, with plots, cast, and trailers.

  • I stop when I want (comedy) It was broadcast on Rai Movie at 21.10a film by Sidney Sibilia with Eduardo Leo, Valeria Solarino, Valerio Aprea, Paolo Calabresi, Libero di Renzo, Pietro Sermonti, Lorenzo Lavia, Neri Marcori, Stefano Friese and Guglielmo Poggi.

    the plot of the film: A group of brilliant, undervalued and underpaid college students with permanent job instability exploit their skills and knowledge to bounce back from a cliff by circumventing the law. Pietro Zini is a university researcher: despite his discoveries in the scientific field, he does not receive sufficient funding from the responsible committee and is even forced to go after one of his students who owed him money for a disco.
    Just then an idea pops into his head to save himself from unemployment: to gather a group of former university researchers, who, like himself, have faced funding cuts in their respective fields and who find themselves accepting jobs that are inadequate compared to the qualifications obtained. The plan is to develop, produce and distribute an amazing substance that has not yet been classified by the Ministry of Health.
    The team assembled by Pietro consists of Mattia and Giorgio, two petrol station workers and researchers specializing in the Latin language. Archaeologist Arturo. Anthropologist and aspiring anthropologist Andrea and poker economist Bartolomeo. However, once the goal is achieved, there will be many problems and troubles to solve…

  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park (adventure, thriller, fantasy) Broadcast on Italia 1 at 21.20a Steven Spielberg film, starring Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore, Pete Postlethwaite, Richard Attenborough, Vince Vaughn, Arliss Howard, Vanessa Lee Chester, Peter Stormare, Harvey Jason, Richard Schiff, Thomas F. Duffy and Joseph Mazzello.
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    the plot of the film: Four years after John Hammond’s Jurassic Park tourism experiment on Isla Nublar, prehistoric animals have continued to survive undisturbed on neighboring Isla Sorna, where they were created. After discovering the existence of this ecosystem, Hammond’s nephew, Peter Ludlow, who succeeded his uncle in running InGen, decided to capture the remaining dinosaurs for display at the San Diego Zoo. Scientist Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) and his ex-girlfriend Sarah travel to the island to stop Ludlow and his henchmen before the unthinkable happens. In the company of the human followers, there are also some hunters on the island, who have come to capture the most ferocious animal on the planet, the T-Rex.
    Sarah and Ian manage to free the captured herbivorous dinosaurs and come across an injured T-Rex puppy which they try to treat, unleashing the fury of the baby’s parents. However, the puppy’s blood remains on Sarah’s jacket, which attracts large monsters who begin to hunt down seekers and hunters…

  • Dad’s turn (comedy, family) Broadcast on TV 2000 at 21.20a film directed by Anouk Fortunier, starring Johan Heldenberg, Savannah Vandenderich, Hilde de Berdemaker, Jade de Ridder, Ferry Foy, Camilia Blereux, Serge-Henri Falk, Franck Fouquetine, Chokri Benchikha.

    the plot of the film: The film tells the story of a somewhat private family, consisting of father Paul, mother Veronique, and their three children.
    Elder is an orderly girl, who lives by following social rules to the letter, and is always worried about what people might think of her.
    On the other hand, his brother Cass spends most of his time locked in his basement, obsessed with the belief that the end of the world is near. Finally, there is Zoe, a fictional teenager, the most nonconformist of the family, who only aspires to a life of freedom.
    One day Paul, a banker by profession, announces to his family that he wants to quit his job. He could no longer bear the idea of ​​being the partner of rich people, helping them get even richer, and so he decided to become an actor.
    The news upsets the whole family, or nearly: the mother, the businesswoman whose profession is everything, is furious, the eldest sons accuse the madman’s father.
    Obviously, the only person who supports him in his decision is rebellious Zoe. The girl not only encourages him to pursue his dream, but also jumps with him on the adventure….

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  • Fraud lords (excitement) Broadcast on TwentySeven at 21.10Phil Alden Robinson, starring Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, David Strathairn, Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix, Mary McDonnell, Amy Benedict, Timothy Busfield, Lee Garlington, George Hearn, James Earl Jones, Ben Kingsley and Donal Logue.

    the plot of the film: In their college days, Martin Brace and Cosmo were inseparable friends and two skilled computer scientists who enjoyed committing bank fraud, stealing from the rich, and giving to the poor.
    But the idyllic dream of changing the world is abruptly interrupted by the arrival of the police, who discover their mistake. While Cosmo is caught in the act and sentenced to prison, Martin escapes punishment by not being in the dormitory during the Armed Forces raid. To preserve his freedom, Martin is forced to change his last name to Bishop and give up computer fraud. Years later, Bishop heads up a computer security agency, devastated by the news of Cosmo’s death. One day, two NSA agents approach Martin and force him to cooperate in stealing an advanced encryption device in exchange for covering up his true identity.
    Cornered, the man kisses but soon realizes it’s not the US government that wants the device…

  • innocent (drama, thriller) Aired on Eris on the 21stWritten by Alan J. Pakula, starring Harrison Ford, Greta Scacchi, Brian Denny, Raul Julia, Bonnie Bedelia, and Paul Winfield.

    the plot of the filmThe protagonist of the story is Rusty Sabich, the deputy district attorney of Kendall County, Illinois. The man is assigned to lead the investigation into the murder of one of his colleagues, Caroline Polyhemus, with whom he had an extramarital affair.
    In the course of the investigation, the circle narrows and, almost absurdly, the alleged perpetrator most dependent on others is none other than Rusty. The man finds himself having to deal with everyone’s suspicions that fall upon him, as the vast majority of those he worked alongside believe him to be a murderer.
    The situation around the murder of the fellow magician becomes increasingly perilous, and contrary to all his imagination, the Deputy District Attorney finds himself forced to seek the help of his nemesis, attorney Sandy Stern, who will have to rehabilitate the reputation of his rival in a…

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