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A Quiet Place – Day One debuted at #2 at the box office.

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New entries do not affect the field. Inside Out 2 At the Italian box office, with the film on its way to becoming the most watched animated title of all time (or, at least, since Cinetel has monitored more than 90% of the market, and therefore since the mid-nineties). For the Pixar blockbuster, yesterday it reached another 1.4 million euros, for an updated total of 24.5: by the end of the weekend it will be surpassed Oppenheimerwith Barbie And There is still tomorrow Excel by the end of next week. Thanks boom Inside Out 2June is supposed to exceed 6 million spectators in theaters, becoming the second best month of the year after January. Quiet Place – Day 1 For the first time in second place with 79 thousand euros and more than 11 thousand spectators, Bad Boys – Ride or Die He remains on the podium with €30,000 and €1.8m, the other titles all under €20,000. Hitman – An accidental killer Opens at 15 thousand euros cyclists He gets another 13,000 euros and rises to 418,000, Undesirables Thanks to previews, it opens at 12,000 euros. Enio Doris – There’s Also Tomorrow Returns to the top ten with 7 thousand euros and 720 thousand in total, ZamoraThanks to the summer squares you get 5 thousand euros and it rises to 701 thousand in total it closes Escape to Normandy For 5 thousand euros and 129 thousand euros Anatomy of a FallWhich returns to the top ten with 4 thousand euros and 1.8 million in total.

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From the fourth they see each other again in the room Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (for a week) h Siosiaratogether with Horizon – American Epic – Chapter 1An indispensable masterpiece Rain of memories, Holy Shoes, Death is a problem for the living, Me and Sisi, sour And The killer’s memory.

The phenomenon continues to reap successes in France A little morewhich, although expectedly exceeded Inside out 2which annihilates the competition at every latitude, has grossed a combined total of $60 million, after two months
Programming with a weekly loss of less than 30% compared to the previous. With nearly 8 million tickets sold A little more (International address A little something extra) entered the list of the 50 best French films of all time and should end its run with at least 10 million tickets, which would allow it to enter the list of the 30 best films. In a summer dominated by Hollywood blockbusters (sorry, from the movie), this is the title of “the most successful place” in Europe and one of the best in the world.

Box office in Italy on Thursday, June 27, 2024
1. Inside out 2: 1,422,295 euros
2. Quiet Place – Day 1: 79,218 euros
3. Bad Boys – Ride or Die: Euro 30,304
4. Hitman – Casual Killer: 15,204 euros
5. cyclists: 13,541 euros
6. Undesirables: 12,257 euros
7. Enio Doris – There’s Also Tomorrow: 7,425 euros
8. Zamora: 5,662 euros
9. Escape to Normandy: 5,585 euros
10. Anatomy of a fall: 4500 euros

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