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“We will launch the epilogue here, it is an important city for our story” (photos and video) –

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Little break from filming2 winsThe film was produced by Ricardo scamarchio Directed by Stefano my suppliers which nowadays has Calvino Park and Piazza Denso as its location. The city was a collection to restore the glory of the Sanremo and Monte Carlo rallies in the 83rd season with the great rivalry between Lancia and Audi.

Interview with Ricardo Scamarcio

All the heroes met this morning in the city hall of Sanremo with Mayor Alberto Biancherry For corporate meeting with management and usual greetings; Also in attendance was Ospedaletti Mayor Daniele I will die. In addition to Scamarcio and Mordini, actors Daniel also visited Palazzo Bellevue brulevolker bruchKatie Clarkson hill and Esther Jarrel.

with ‘2 winsSanremo asserts itself not only as a city of festivals and music, but also as a set for films and commercials. Just a few days ago between Porto Sole and Corso Imperatrice, the clips for the new location of the Riva shipyards were filmed with Pierfrancesco Bean and David Beckham.

An important opportunity for our city that we took with Sergio Maiga who lived in the historic 1983 – Mayor Alberto started BiancherryI think it’s a great opportunity for Sanremo and we tried in every way to comfort you despite the difficulties in June. We are so glad we did“.

Thanks to Mayor Biancheri, to Sanremo and to Liguria who are hosting us with great logistical support that is very important to us – Ricardo said at a press conference scamarchioOur film ends in San Remo, which is where the 1983 World Championship winning decree was decreed. The city is important to our story and today we’re shooting for the ending. It is a film we make to tell a story that represents Italy and all of Europe. We beat the Germans, but with a German driver. It represents the desire to unite“.

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We wanted to implement a rally project by being on the ground, it’s a sport that fits into the area that becomes as important as the cars Follow the director Stefano my suppliersA film about nature and cars and how their construction is integrated with them. The area is the hero, we found great places and the welcome we needed“.

Sergio also attended the press conference megathe historical organizer of the San Remo Rally: “I understood what is the spirit of the rallies, the knowledge and promotion of the region. We bring machinery to the area, and enhance the most beautiful parts. Formula 1 is an elite sport, carpooling brings cars into people’s homes, and we pass on people’s doorsteps. Congratulations on the spirit of the rallies“.

A great relief also for Liguria Film Commission as reflected in Christina’s words bubble: “It is an honor for us to be present, thanks for the work you do for our lands and for our Ligurian additions, there are more than 400. “2Win” is the 200th TV project in Liguria from January to today. Thanks for all of your support“.

Filming of ‘2 Win’ on the waterfront will continue until tomorrow, then the group will move to San Romulo With the Prato delle Monacci avenue closed from 8 to 18:30 on Saturday.

“2 win”
In the cinematic genre, a specific sub-genre is represented by motor racing films. Racing cars that engage in breathtaking duels to the last corner, drivers who risk their lives for a hundredth of a second.
Only the seemingly meaningless duels, which reveal under the glossy coating of rivalry the true engine that has always driven man to seemingly illogical gestures: fighting the impulse of death.
So it’s no surprise that cinema – the great poet of the contemporary epic movement – had a spontaneous fascination with motors.
But within this specific subgenre, rich in epithets and declension, there is an empty niche: the grouping.
If Ron Howard’s Rush told the world of Formula 1 with the legendary duel between Lauda and Hunt during the 1970s, Tony Scott’s Days of Thunder shifted the focus of the tale to the NASCAR US Championship and James Mangold’s latest Ford vs Ferrari. Back in the ’60s from the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans, no movie ever caught the spotlight. Because?
After all, rallying, unlike Formula 1, is sterile and elitist, is by constitution as democratic and popular a sport as cinema itself should be. As with cycling, cars run on real roads and not on speed circuits. They move through the populated centers passing a few centimeters of onlookers. Even the public, like drivers, take a risk and become a part of this great show. A gigantic traveling caravan, a giant circus that rallies men and vehicles like a mighty cinema machine. In short, The Walk as an amazing and amazing war and action movie that can be watched without paying the ticket.
This is the ambition and originality of 2 Win: to fill that void and honor an epic sport like the rally, a test of the limits of human capacity for risk-taking, fatigue and required focus.
But how do you approach this story? Which period do you choose? What are the materials to draw from?
The old saying of Hollywood screenwriters says that the story should begin as late in life as possible and as early in the story as possible. And what better “as soon as possible and as soon as possible” if not the eighties, which, after the continuous growth of the seventies, thanks to the massive interest of the media and huge investments by sponsors, represented the real dedication and real prosperity mobilization of popularity.
An unrepeatable golden age of technical and mechanical development (the introduction of all-wheel drive as a paradigm change), which led to the creation of real 500 HP racing cars, Group B cars, as a result of the furious evolution that in short he would reach peak performance but also a point of no return, transforming those Cars into real coffins on wheels engulfing drivers in every race.
For this reason, the perfect year to locate our story could only be 1983, the World Championship in which something unique and unrepeatable (in the literal sense, because such an undertaking would never be repeated): thanks to the ability of his team, Director Cesare Fiorio and the talent of his drivers (above all) Something German Walter Rohrl, a real superman at the wheel), a two-wheel drive car – The Lancia 037 – was able to beat an all-wheel drive, the indomitable Audi 4 by Michel Mouton and Hanno Mikkola.
What is so interesting about this story that it is so unique, and different from all the hypothetical stories that can be told? Typical strength. What lies in the legend and in the scriptures. Indeed, it is precisely in the Old Testament, in the Bible parable of David against Goliath, that the subject of our history lies. The archetype from which all the underdog stories are derived, the ancestral character of the weak fighting against the strong. Where the weak must resort to all audacity, ingenuity, and ingenuity to outsmart an opponent on paper that is unbeatable in strength and power. And from David to Ulysses, legend teaches us that the weak can take advantage of an opponent who underestimates his abilities.

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