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War in Ukraine, Kyiv regains its borders, Russians threaten Odessa: a fierce battle in the East –

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To the north of Kharkiv the resistance is now near the Russian border. To the south, in the Severodonetsk sector, the Russians forced the defenders back to more manageable positions. Dynamic challenge to control Snake Island

Kyiv allegations have been resumed Control of 1200 km of the border. Moscow is trying to open breaches. The activities of the competitors in the Black Sea are also reported. The summary leads us to consider them Three points on the eastern front. To the north of Kharkiv, the resistance now near the Russian border can undermine the rear and above all enemy artillery Which now affects only the suburbs. They are consistent successesWith the invaders forced to retreat and the troops exhausted by the days of fighting.

What will happen now? The army – according to several sources – moved its forces from the Izyum region and has about 20 battalions ready In the city of Belgorod, Russia. He must inevitably rob the forces planned for further operations and risk seeing his villages targeted: The Ukrainians launched raids in the area When they were still far away, the actions were not publicly claimed.

To the south, in the Severodonetsk sector, the Russians forced the defenders to retreat In better managed locations. Apparently positive results for General Dvornikov’s men. What are the developments? The question is about the possibility of preserving the successes: photos from the camp, in the Belhorivka region, show a destroyed pontoon and a large number of burnt vehicles. The column was going to fall into a deadly trap while trying to cross the Donetsk River. Some claim it was the second attempt, having tried on May 9.

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The episode marries with the opinion of expert Tobias Schneider, who pointed out which one is The strategy adopted by Zelensky’s officers:

1) Friction with quick counterattacks, but not large attacks that can lead to a lot of losses;

2) Make every move costly to the enemy: the Russians can gain and lose at the same time, bleeding to death;

3) prevent the invaders from launching large and continuous maneuvers;

4) Reorganization of ranks, rotation of fighters and bringing reservists to the front in a less chaotic manner.

It’s always hard to get a reliable picture. Weeks ago, it was rumored that the Kremlin wanted full control of Donbass and The New York Times, which usually aligns well with the official US rankings, on Tuesday focused on Russia’s victories. This while in Congress the heads of the American intelligence They insisted on the existence of a stalemate and the possibility of a long war.

Now south. From the first day of the war Strategists doubted the fate of Odessa, where an amphibious assault had been long awaited and never arrived. But the most important port on the Black Sea was repeatedly bombed by Russian missiles, which confirmed its importance. The Kremlin’s ultimate goal is expected Occupying the entire coastal strip as far as Transnistriaa move that would deprive Ukraine of a sea port and, above all, exports, stifling its economy.

The seven Russian missiles that hit a shopping center and a warehouse in the city at dawn on Tuesday were mainly aimed at weapons supplies coming from the West, which Moscow considers legitimate targets: the use of 3 Kinzhal hypersonic carriers – which are not in abundance. In the Russian arsenal – this may be a confirmation. At the same time, there are those who do not rule out that Odessa is a leak. And don’t forget that Not even Belarusa perpetual pendulum between threats to interfere and stop.

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more dynamic Challenge to dominate Snake Islanda rocky site 35 kilometers off the Ukrainian coast that was conquered by the Russians in the early days of the conflict and where Now they are subjected to frequent attacks by the resistanceEspecially with drones. Moscow supports the units protecting the fortress – British intelligence writes – trying to introduce other air defense systems, in particular the SA 15. But, after Moskva drownedDon’t risk big landing craft that prefers to rely on smaller units.

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