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The mayor of the night flew to Canada (at the expense of the Trento municipality) to talk about “nightlife”. Ianeselli: ” The reason for pride. Controversies? Provincialism ”

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Trento. The “Night life“Thirty flies Canada, Giulia Casonado As a guest of a conference a Montreal And the balance between thematic urban livelihood and community. The mayor of the night intervenes from the stage of a foreign event to tell Trento’s experience.

After the appointment a Bolzano In the organized show Team Q., Capitalized experience therefore gains international relevance (article here). “He was invited to participate in this global network – he commented Franco Inocelli, Mayor of Trento – In Montreal (1.7 million people) there may be different and more complex difficulties in light of the enormous dimensions of urban fabric, but it is an important opportunity to collide with other realities and similar dynamics. However, being the protagonist city of an international event is a recognitionA moment to draw inspiration from these experiences, in which we can offer ours. “

A Institutional travel And costs are shared between the municipal administration and the organizers. “Supports municipal aircraft – Mayor adds – Casonato then speaks English, so no translator is needed as happens in other cases. In addition, for all other aspects, the city councilor is the guest of honor at the event. Political representatives go Rome Or a Brussels Of course this does not cause controversy, but if you are invited to Canada, the game takes on a different weight. On the contrary, it is a cause for pride and respect, the only possible words for contradiction. They are an example to the Provincial Council“.

The theme of nightlife returns to the center, especially at this point in the restartGovt emergency. “It is important to participate in these events – TheCouncilor Elizabeth Posarelli – Trento authorized on this network. The industry of the capital should be open, thanks to its geographical location. It is also a prelude to a conference scheduled for July Province, OECD And Santa Sierra Cultural Service Center, On city streets at night. The event in Montreal was an interesting event to create synergies and share working patterns.

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Dedicated to urban livelihoods and community in June 2021, Futura’s representative was invited to oil the gears of the capital’s nightlife. A subtle balance between the youth’s desire for fun and the residents’ right to rest. There have been no significant issues in recent months in the positions of city councils with the mayor signing various ordinances to try to regulate the diverse and legitimate needs of the population.The last step is about maid duty and banning the sale of alcohol (article here).

But if the results are unknown, the mayor defends the choices he has made so far. “The way exhibitors work is different – Ioneselli’s highlights – some strongly advise take-away service, while others use stalls. We strive to mediate between needs to achieve a balance that satisfies all parties involved. It is a path and Casonoto’s commitment is consistent in this sense. His contribution to the preparation of commands is significant, and his role is certainly active and effective. “

Community is a necessity, however it must be managed. Here comes a test ready for the competition, and a series of events to animate some city parks in the evening: Tonde square, Park of Solzhenitsyn (One circling the Santa Sierra Cultural Services Center) e Albere Park. “In all three parks, different parks are involved Third Department Cast As well as merchants and iEntrepreneurs to create a calendar of events And Live music“.

The purpose of the municipality is, in fact, Private initiatives should be supported as far as it is concerned. “Trento Alta’s appointments are very interesting and the management is preparing itself to find better solutions. We are ready to add some flow in this matter and extend the opening of the cable car. Sardhakna For better management of revenue “, concludes Ianeselli.

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