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Will Smith admits that he thought about killing his father

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Will Smith’s memoir is expected in the next few days, but some of the developments we’ve been reporting have been released that have really left him speechless. The actor admits that he thought about killing his father.

I thought about killing my father“. shocking confession from will Smith, which comes as a sudden expectation on his part Memoirs, titled simply Will, arrive on November 9 at the same time worldwide, in Italy for Longanesi. Just one of the developments that we can offer you.

In the book, he recalls the harrowing events of his childhood, such as the accident that brought the 53-year-old star so close to orchestrating the murder of his father, who then convinced himself to get away with it. Reason? Frequent alcohol abuse of his wife, Will’s mother. A turbulent relationship to say the least, even if the closeness over the years has resulted in Will Smith, both older and younger, being very close until their parents passed away, in 2016, after they contracted cancer.

My father was violent, “he wrote,” but he was also present at every game, show, or show. He was an alcoholic, but he was also sober at every premiere of every one of my films. He listened to every album, visited every studio. The same great perfectionism that terrified his family allowed him to bring food to the table every night of my life. When I was nine, I saw him punch my mother so hard on the head that she collapsed. I saw her blood spit. That moment, in that bedroom, defined perhaps more than any other moment in my life what I would become and what I am today.”

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He admitted how he’s since been obsessed with guilt for not standing up to his father, Since then. “In everything I did, there was a form of asking for forgiveness from my father for not reacting that day, for being a coward. One night, while I was in a wheelchair with my father from his bedroom. In the bathroom, I was snatched away with a grim thought. I had to I go up the stairs, and as a child I told myself I would avenge my mother one day. And when I grew up, when I was strong enough, I was no longer a coward, I killed. I stopped, I could throw him down the stairs and get away with it. I’m Will Smith. No one thought That I would intentionally kill my father. I’m one of the best actors in the world. It would have been the emergency call from Oscar.”

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