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“War is a tragic mistake, an impossible military solution” – Il Tempo

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“A military solution to the war in Ukraine is no longer possible.” The former commander of the Russian paramilitary organization Gruppo Wagner, Marat Gabidulin, guest at the May 22 edition of Mezz’ora in Più, the Sunday talk show Rai3 conducted by Lucia Annunziata, said without fear of being denied. The former militiaman explains why Russia is doing poorly: “Moscow is now in this war, Russian resources and military potential are running out, so starting this war was a tragic mistake. Then it became a crime against the Ukrainian people and the Russian people. There will be no military solution. This war will last several months. For a long time, Russia will become weaker and weaker and will no longer be able to defend itself from threats, such as those from the south, such as Afghanistan for example.”

Gabidulin is very critical of the war waged by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine: “I – continuing the army – wrote a book to tell the Russians that there are such structures as the Wagner Brigade and that Russia uses these structures a lot and is doing it. So in a way that is very questionable at the military level. Not that It is the case in the West.

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