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VINCENZO coach with JOYSTICK, JURIC BERNARDESCHI and football are good examples. What does Milinkovic want?

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Dickhead, Dickhead… The tit-for-tat video of the brawl between coach and coach of Torino, Yorick and Fagnati, is now viral, and the latter has instantly put a worse patch on the hole: “We are real people, it’s things that happen, yeah real rude. The reason for such harmony is the signature campaign and the difference between the two in this matter, seasoned roosters and roosters. We would like to remember that in 1832 the Roman poet Giuseppe Giuschino Belli wrote a joke sonnet entitled “er padre de li santi” which was:

Damn if some briar, bird, Cicio, sinew, turtledoves, tip pen, piece of meat, handle, cetrolo, asperge, cucuzzola and stennarello.
Er gionco, er guercio, er mine, nerchia, peg, coat stand, snot, bruggnolo, inguilla, torciorello and truncheon.
Wedge and patocco, cavola and toracchio, e marituzo, cinnamon, pepino, e salami, sarkuccia, and sanguinaccio.
Then the structure, the telescope, the weapon, the child. Poitorzo, crescimmano, catenaccio, Minnola, and my baby brother.
And I’m leaving you alone, a doctor Tshir Mi prescribes it,
A penis, a penis, a penis and a natural member. Quer vecchio de spezziale Priapus says; and rod su’ moje, a sign to God that the nun will be well back.

Among the genital bombs, the historical discourse about how much a coach weighs on a team is back in the news. To what extent the coach counts the successes and failures, who pushes himself forward, wondering “how many points” the coach, or coach, adds or takes to be fair. For clear ideas, as often happens, the football television guru Lily Adani who takes the example of Viola coach Vincenzo Italiano and says without fear: “Fiorentina without Vlahovic went to Europe thanks to the Italian, the era is over. Some posters” .

So the specific weight is crucial, according to the former Viola defender. And we think he’s right, as an Italian footballer he was an excellent item, precious to his coaches, but he was not a hero. Knowing this, he compensated for the lack of talent in work and intelligence, and therefore he had a more than decent profession. As a coach, the talent is there, in fact, the Italians have always brought results in the arenas in which he led the team.

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The brain is what unites coach Vincenzo to player Vincenzo.

Over the years he has learned the skills of business, the art of diplomacy, the knowledge of men, because whether he is a billionaire who owns a club, a rich football player or a skilled manager, they are always men, people made of their own history. Life, one’s personality, beliefs, emotions, and idiosyncrasies.

The key to all success is the knowledge of men and there is no knowledge without deep respect, go and tell Juric and Vagnati.

It is no coincidence that the Italian did not put himself face to face with society (in this he did not make the mistake of the first Prandelli, who unconsciously accepted the fatal role of the “guarantor” of the people towards the master, the master who was angry and decided to get rid of the huge coach (this is in short the story of the Prandelli battle Della Valley).

No, Vincenzo has always been very diplomatic, even when relations with the club were at least, he stayed within the position. An understanding heart is everything, Young said, it is a teacher, and can never be appreciated enough. It seems to us that this is the Italian’s emotional intelligence that goes beyond his tactical skills and those of the rigorous football coach.

The Italiano aims to recognize men and he is the one who tells us about it himself, so in fact in one of the most recent editions of Moena: “We have changed (note the plural that includes and respects the work of employees) convictions Amrabat – he said – he now knows that he can be a way out .

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It is a story of work on the human being, on the head and not on the legs, Amrabat free from old fears and beliefs and full of Italian artistic dogma.

From this intimate and deep work we have obtained the image of Coach Vincenzo with joystick, and he who on the sidelines during the races instructs his men as if in a playstation and shouts: “Come out” at the central point needs give and go, tip is carried out, Vincenzo has learned very well the skills (and he A new term now also accepted by Accademia della Crusca which means increased pawn abilities like Amrabat mentioned above).

Vincenzo Italiano – as Giuseppe Accardi a RadioFinesviola – “He has his great fortune in his crew of men who know how to make up for any moments of confusion,” those men that Vincenzo chose and protected precisely because he knew that even a man of great talent like him, could have its limits: “The Italian – continues hearty Accardi – he is The same when he came to Trapani, he has humility, but he knows where he wants to go, and therefore he does not give up, like an angry dog.”

Even the new Viola Jovic joined the chorus of recent testimonies about the extraordinary qualities of the coach leading Fiorentina: “I needed to train with a coach who pushed me to work hard, and hopefully we can do great things together,” says the Serbian striker from Real Madrid.

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However, speaking of the purple Serbs, there is someone who does not seem to want to be in the court of such a great coach, but in fact, in the past few hours, Milinkovic and his manager Ramadan met with the purple club.

Fiorentina puts on the table a three-year period of 2.5 million net annually.

Actually no, just indicate the salaries in millions per year, let’s say he has a net salary of 208 thousand euros per month.

So please, what does Milinkovic want? Not to be a populist, but also a little, because we must start calling a spade again, and greed, if there is one, must be referred to as such.

Ball, sports or fu sport constantly give us examples like those of the previous viola, that then-only 28-year-old Federico Bernardeschi went to bury himself under the ice in Toronto, on the extreme fringes of world football, for love at around €416,000 a month.

Then the question arises spontaneously, as Antonio Lubrano of Procida used to say: Does Bernardeschi want to play football?

Or do you want to apply for a heavy mortgage to buy the Taj Mahal?

I mean, do you want to play football or just make money?

Since we often and inappropriately talk about footballers as life examples for young people, well in these cases, if the examples, they are bad examples, bad examples of greed and greed, and we ignore behaviors like those of Juric and Vagnati in order not to shoot the Red Cross, when Sports and football, for example, should teach moderation, measure, and beautiful virtues which will be necessary to teach the buds of our developed society (?).

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