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Youth football: Juventus, Inter and Milan are among the Memorial Protea teams

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The 19th edition of the Protei Memorial, scheduled for May 20-22, 2022, is the international tournament dedicated in this case to the 2009 Young Professionals and the 2008 Amateurs. The locations selected for the competitions will be Rimini, S. Ermitt, Siciano, Petracotta, Santarcangelo, Savignano, Rivazzura, Gatio et Marie and Villamarina. Several adhesions on the field included eight countries: to represent Italy there will be teams Rimini, S. Ermitt, Juventus, AC Milan, Atalanta BC, US Triestina, Pordenone, Forli, FC Inter, FC Sud Tirol, Cantera Napoli, SSD Osonia, Alto Academy, SD Levante Azzurro, SCA Rosina, FC Bologna , Academy Civitanovese, FC Empoli, Emolici Calcio, AS Roma, ACF Fiorentina, Cesena, Savignanes and Marano Calcio.

Other formations represent the Republic of San Marino (San Marino Academy) , Denmark (Lingby), Finland (PPJ Helsinki), Poland (FC Champions and RKS Garbania Krakow), Israel (Hapoel Ramat Gan), Hungary (Ferencvarusi) and switzerland (Sudostschweiz . Team).

roll of gold The first edition was held in 2004, and Asd Verucchio triumphed. Milan leads the special ranking in coexistence with Inter in terms of successes (3), followed by Turin and Fiorentina (2). Detailed after the first release, followed by the victories of Junior Valmaricia (2005), Rimini (2006), ACF Fiorentina (2007), FC Modena (2008), AC Milan (2009), FC Inter Milan (2010), FC Empoli (2010) (2011), FC Torino (2012), Real Madrid (2013), Torino (2014), FC Inter Milan (2015), AC Milan (2016), AC Milan (2017), FC Inter Milan (2018), ACF Fiorentina (2019).

stages Eight groups of four teams divided as follows.

Group A: Juventus FC, Cesena, Sudoschweiz FC, Asad S. Ermitt.

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Group Two: FC Bologna, Ferencvarusi, Lion Savignanes, SSD Levante.

Group C: Milan, Hapoel Ramat Gan, Os Tristina, Forli.

Group D: FC Empoli, BPG Helsinki, Civitanovizi Academy, Rimini.

Group E: Roma, San Marino Academy, Sud Tirol Club, Usonia Academy.

Group F: Fiorentina – Pordenone Calcio – Alto Accademia – Rosina.

Group G: Atalanta, Lingby, Emolici, Marano.

Group H: Fc Internazionale, Rks, Garbarnia Krakow, Champions Club Soccer, Cantera Napoli.

The main regulator of S. Ermete (Maurizio Mollari) He does not hide his satisfaction: “The main thing is to bring this tournament to life, the restoration of Prote was very important for the club and our region, but above all it is a way to leave the past time behind, that associated with the pandemic that in the past two years has prevented us from holding the tournament. Unfortunately, time has already led us in September to move in advance to organize the event from this point of view, in every detail.Ajax for example – due to the health regulations in place – had to give up participation, for other clubs after reaching 32 teams we had to give up because there was not really an extra space and this Gave me the opportunity to be so proud of all of us, for the work done and for the importance we were able to give this event.Hopefully all is well given the sites involved (there are a lot) and finally I wanted to thank all the clubs that took part in this 19th edition.Now the word goes To the camp in the hope that all the young people have fun.”

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