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Italy is on the verge of salvation! Poland defeated 2-1 – OA Sport

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Blues Third success in a row. The Italian U20 ice hockey team also won the match against Poland 2-1 in the World Championship Group B of the first degree To finish off mathematically and stay in the race for second or third place.

A game of good intensity that both teams led, very combative from the first half ended goalless, and the Poles were adept at making themselves dangerous on at least two occasions. However, the first episode on the network will be from Italy Which, at 37:17, marks 1-0 thanks to a good pocket by López, who, with focus, places the puck behind the opposing goalkeeper.

However, Poland is not there, as the latter act started on the right foot Then equalize the accounts at 43:17 with Marciasbold in this case to draw Make the most of the disadvantage of the Italian defense. A goal does not affect the Azzurri, however, who are good at staying in the game, and risking a counter-attack in some maneuvers. Even measure the winning attack. A power play signed by Lobis, who serves Gschliesser who, at 45:26, throws a fireball that taunts the goalkeeper.

Ice Hockey, U-20 World Cup: Italy also beats South Korea! The Azzurri achieved their second victory in the World Championship

Tomorrow, at 13:00, the last match against Estonia will take place.

Photo: FISG

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