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Verdone’s fans have been searching for him for years, and this is where he shot his most famous movie

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Carlo Verdoni is one of the most beloved Italian actors, for years he has been part of this generation of comedians but not only, whose films have made millions of people laugh but also excited.

Verdoni embodies the true Roman character, but his real strength lies in the fact that he always created and interpreted different characters each time, but they remained in the minds and hearts of many fans of his films.

Carlo Verdone (Facebook/Carloverdone)

class 50, Carlo Verdoni is the idol of the Romans and Italians, Those who have followed him with passion for years and know his films by heart, which have entered our cinema history.

Talcum powder, this is where Manuel Fantoni’s house is located

The Verdon movie There are many of them, and most of them were hits that everyone remembers today. There is no doubt that the most beloved films of the Romanian actor and director remained in the hearts of people talcum powdera movie released in 1982 It was written, directed and interpreted by Verdoni himself with Eleonora Giorgi, Cristian De Sica, Angelo Infante and Mario Prega.

As many movie buffs like to do, Verdone fans have never stopped Search and travel to his movie locations Most famously, a way to honor their idol and go back down memory lane full of smiles. Among the places that have become iconic in the great world of Verdone cinema, there is without a doubt Manuel Fantoni’s house talcum powderAnd the An apartment that has made millions of people dream and wonder where this amazing penthouse is.

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Track down the famous penthouse where it was filmed talcum powderbut also many other Italian comedies, was the specialized site Davenuti, who posted one Pictures and references One of the most beautiful scenes in the film, starring the owner Manuel Fantoni, entered the collective imagination and is still fondly remembered today.

that it Beautiful penthouse located in Romemore precisely in via Dominic Lubatelli, Fantastic apartment with open plan living space and internal staircase leading to the upper floor, but above all for living The swimming pool is on the balcony Which literally borders the living room window (the pool in which, in talcum powder, the beautiful Moana Pozzi can be seen swimming). This apartment was much loved by the directors of the time, and appears as a location in reality, in other historical films such as Go you who make me laugh, And the face to face.

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