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Roberto Benigni Where does the actor live? Live in love with Nicoletta Brasci

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Roberto Benigni has always been one of the heroes of Italian cinema. His films made the history of the seventh art. This is where the Tuscan actor lives.

The actor and director is undoubtedly one of the most influential names on the Italian cinema scene. It was many of his works that brought him to the big screen, most of which he starred in with his wife Nicoletta Brasci. Let’s find out where love nest.

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Let’s go back to talking about one of the most beloved Italian actors and directors in the history of cinema. Roberto Benigni In his long career, he has been appreciated by a growing number of people who follow him not only for his movies, but also for his charismatic and explosive way of doing things.

However, the director more than once showed his emotional side, addressing sweet and loving words Wife of Nicoletta Brasci, with whom he shares everything, both in private and professional life. The two are the longest-lived couples in the entertainment world, a love that endures over time and grows day by day. Let’s see where they made the love nest.

Roberto Benigni, where is your home?

The director is one of the most beloved faces, so much so that the audience wants to discover more and more some curiosities and some anecdotes about him. Regarding his private life, we know that he was born into it Castiglione Fiorentinoin a small town in Arezzo Province.

For a short time he also lived Florencewithin the seminary, to give up the course of study, only in the years he will get Several honorary degrees. His work led him to tour Italy, but Roberto Benigni and Nicoleta Brasci returned home Rome. They chose the capital as their permanent home.

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Nicoletta is originally from Arezzo, but lived in Rome for several years, even before she met Benigni. In fact, he studied acting in Academy of Dramatic Art. The director himself permanently moved to the capital in the fall of 1972 with his friend and colleague Marco Messiri. Choice of job opportunities.

Regarding the area, we know they have one luxury villa Located near Thermal baths of Caracalla. In the past, there has been a renovation of the Villa Appia delle Sirene, an event that has been the subject of investigations for alleged building violations.

We also know that Benigni also has other properties across Italy and he will surely also have some in his hometown, as he is still very attached to his land where his original family still lives. However, the two chose Rome as the city to live in.

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