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Gianni does not despair: “It was due to be closed first. It was right to give space also to those who play less”

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Andrea Gianni hasn’t given any dramas, on his first defeat in the past two months: “The only thing we have to think about is that we haven’t given up anything and we can still pass. In addition, we needed to let some players catch them. Breath, someone Like Sanguinetti is right to leave. Beginning on these occasions, he must learn to stay at this level, and not be drawn in by others, while Van Garderen has entered and done well. He loses if you get lost like that.” What has worked less well than usual is the point stage? “Some of the defensive balls were inaccurate, that’s right, in the second set we took a few aces in reception on irresistible jokes and also on the third balls that shouldn’t go down.” Finally, the coach focuses on the environment, where the sports hall has not been as noisy as Modena for a long time: “May I say? France is a country with many injured but the gym is full. Know the rules here, but I enjoy playing in a tub like this The same goes for the players, of course.

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