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User vote obtained through corruption, investigation begins –

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Geoff Kelly announced an internal investigation of some User vote affiliate The Game Awards 2022in the “Player Voice” category, obtained through bots and via corruption. The accusation is actually much more detailed and points the finger at miHoYo, Genshin Impact’s studio, which would have promised its users with game currency to get the votes they needed.

As of this writing, Sonic Frontiers was ahead of Genshin Impact in audience voting. The first is 17% of permits, and the second is 15%. Ironically, the two beat out Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok, the most certified games to win at GOTY. Closing the line is Sifu and Horizon Forbidden West, which should be no less impressive for audiences.

Someone immediately asked Jeff Quigley to explain the apparently rigged votes, and got a response from the TGA sponsor ensuring an internal investigation was conducted to understand what was going on. However, Keighley himself is skeptical of what happened: “I don’t know if it was about the bots. I think the fanbases took action to support the game, or it’s a game that was promoted to nominate the fanbase.”

Keighley went on to explain that these issues are the reason fan votes matter less in major categories, namely because they will be more affected by corporate campaigns or fan bases. The biggest and most active fan base will always win the game they want.

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