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Bonuses are still available for bidding farewell to bills

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One of the solutions to reduce the bill is certainly the installation of a photovoltaic system and with the accumulation there is the possibility of a more positive impact on consumption and therefore on spending. Here are the rewards to claim

Photovoltaic system (Image via Canva –

Switching to energy systems with a lower environmental impact is one global needs that go in the direction of awareness of that global economic system As we have known it so far, which is almost entirely dependent on fossil energy sources, it must be changed. But switching to renewable energy, and for domestic users the easiest system is certainly the one that goes through the installation of photovoltaic energy production systems, can be an expensive option.

In particular if so-called storage batteries are added to photovoltaic solar panels. This is the reason for my interest Bonuses are still available For those who decide to face the cost of batteries as a supplement to the photovoltaic system. This is the communication from the Revenue Agency regarding these tax credits.

Photoelectric accumulation bonus

The communication, entrusted to him in a press release, explains how it will be possible to request a tax deduction related to the installation of what is defined as “connected systems green systemsSpecifically, it is about the facilities related to the installation of storage batteries that allow you to do so for storage Energy produced by the photovoltaic panels, which is not immediately used for use thereafter when the solar panels stop producing energy due to lack of light.

How much does it cost to install a photovoltaic cell?
Photovoltaic system with storage (Image via Canva –

These rewards are for those individuals who Throughout 2022 You have incurred expenses related to the installation of these peripheral systems. It is therefore a reward reserved for those who have already taken upon themselves their home transformation path from the power supply. the requests, which must be submitted, as now, electronically, these days they can already be submitted and there is still time At the end of March To apply for a tax credit.

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How much is the reward worth?

PV storage battery bonus
Green economy savings (Image via Canva –

In the Official press release which defines the terms and conditions for the subsidy, which is subsidy included among other things in the 2022 Budget Law, reference is made to resources assigned In total for the year to which the budget law refers. So there for 2022 3 million euros. The amount of bonus to be calculated as a percentage of the tax credit for each subject will be indicated with a tick Measures the next and that it will accurately calculate the ratio between the total amount of resources and the amount of eligible expenditure to be requested.

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