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USA: “US citizens leave Russia immediately.” Peskov: ‘Special operations will continue until the complete liberation of Donetsk’

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After voting on behalf Illegal referendums for Annexation of Russia subordinate DonetskAnd the LuhanskAnd the Zaporizhia And the Kherson, the Federation needs men at the front more to strengthen the defense in those areas. And so, while hundreds of thousands of people are leaving the country Russian President Vladimir Putin I decided to open a Recruitment Center border with Georgiawhich is one of the destination countries to flee from Partial packing By order of the president. Customers at the border crossing Lars Verkne The BBC said they would be responsible for calling in “citizens of conscription age”, adding that satellite imagery showed long lines of cars at the Caucasian border. The trend that also worries US government which, through its embassy in the Federation, invites all its citizens to Leave Russia at onceusing the “limited options” of commercial transportation that is still available.

It reads “US citizens must not go to Russia and anyone who is already traveling or resident must leave immediately” security alert Published today on the website of the Washington Embassy in Moscow, warns that after “the Russian government began to mobilize its citizens into the army to support the invasion of Ukraine, Russia may refuse to recognize dual citizenship For Americans, denying them access to consular assistance, preventing them from leaving Russia and recruiting citizens with dual citizenship.”

Meanwhile, Moscow also announces that It will no longer issue passports to people invited to the draft: “If a citizen is already called up for military service or receives a summons (for mobilization or military service), his international passport will be refused,” states the government portal. All this while the first recruits were sent into the field to provide support and comfort to Union forces engaged in the conflict for more than 7 months. The elements called for partial mobilization began to be received in the ranks of the Russian occupation forces. For example, reinforcements arrived for the units of the 1st Tank Regiment, the 2nd Motorized Rifle Division of the 1st Panzer Army, deployed in the combat zones. They didn’t do any training. Moreover, the Russians continue the so-called “self-mobilization” measures simultaneously with partial mobilization. People convicted of criminal offenses came to reinforce units already fighting in Ukraine”, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine knows in the usual daily report. Despite this, the Kremlin spokesperson said, Dmitriy Peskovdeclared that the “special operation” would continue “at least when we have not completely liberated the Donetsk region.”

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If reinforcement forces reach the Russian front, the Ukrainian forces are preparing to receive another Maxi arms supply. management resources Washington cite it Reuters She talks about a new package being studied by 1.1 billion which includes me HIMARS anti-missile systems Already sent to the Kyiv forces in the past, Ammo and different types of Anti-UAV Radar Systems. In addition to this, the new sanctions imposed by White House Prepares response to referendums. From Poland Instead another warning comes to Kremlin In the case of the use of an atomic weapon. Minister of Foreign Affairs , Zbigniew Rawstated that reply Boy Will be “destructive”. In an interview with the talk show of NBC “Meet the Press” The Minister visits A WashingtonHe warned that if Putin used the atomic bomb, NATO would a traditional waySo a nuclear weapon would not be used, but the answer would be devastating. This is the message the alliance is sending to Russia now.”

The result, which is expected according to data circulated on Tuesday, is expected of the unilateral referendums held in the Ukrainian territories occupied by the Russian army. All the regions concerned asked to be “attached” to Russia. “On September 28, the authorities of the Zaporizhia region will turn to Putin with a request to accept the region in the Russian Federation,” said the launch, which quoted the director of the pro-Russian regional authorities. Vladimir Rogov. High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union, Josep BorrellHe said that the results of the referendum were “rigged” and that the consultations themselves were “illegal”: “This is a new violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in the context of Systematic violations of human rights. We salute the courage of the Ukrainians who continue to oppose and resist the Russian invasion.”

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