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Checco Zalone Do you know his partner? You’ve definitely seen her in one of her movies

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Since 2005 he has been in a very strong relationship. who is she? Do we know it all you need to know about this union

Last February, he made us laugh a lot with his participation in the 72nd San Remo Festival. On the Ariston stage, Checco Zalone gave life to his comic verve. Both are “spoken” and “sung”. An artist who hides behind that vague air a great intelligence. But do you know the great comedian’s partner? You’ve definitely seen her in her movies.

Checco Zalone (Ansa)

The nickname Checco Zalone, in the Bari dialect, refers to the expression “che cozzalone!” , whose equivalent and well-known meaning taken from Bari’s expression: “che tamarro!”. Another element of self-irony. Given that Luca Pasquale Medici is nothing but an idiot.

He graduated from the Scientific High School Santi Simone in Conversano, and then attended Bari Aldo Moro University, where he graduated in law. And to think that he wants and must be a policeman. But he will not pass the exam.

One of the most famous comedians on the Italian scene. Through comedy, he satirizes the (many) vices and (slightly less) virtues of the Italians. Checco Zalone displays intelligence and wit beyond that of the average comedian.

He has made five films: Cado dalle nubi (2009), What a Beautiful Day (2011), The Sun Is Pouring In (2013), Where Am I Going? (2016) and Tolo tolo (2020). His 5 films have grossed a total of €220 million and 4 of these films appear in the top 10 films in Italy.

In the summer of 2006, before the start of the World Cup in Germany, which Italy later won, he dedicated the song “We are a very strong team” to the Italian national football team.

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Checco Zalone’s wife

45, a native of Bari, Checco Zalone is now a very successful man in Italy. However, this does not mean that he is not connected to his family and roots. Since 2005, in fact, he has been associated with a very strong relationship. who is she? Do we know her

Her name is Mariangela Eboli and she was born in Triggiano, in PugliaHe lived for a certain period in America and is of the Evangelical religion. Until 2002, she was the assistant director of the religious organization Eastern Mennonite Missions. The two met early in Checco’s career, when he was still playing in clubs, working mainly in piano bars.

Checco Zalone with his partner (web source) 12.5.2022 crmag
Checco Zalone with his partner (web source)

On February 8, 2013, the couple gave birth to their first daughter, Gaia. On January 12, 2017, the second child, Greta, was born. Thus, Checco and Mariangela are very united. We have also seen her as an extra in some of her co-stars’ movies like ‘Kado Dalle Nobi’ and ‘What a Beautiful Day’. In one of these two movies, he even duets with the great Cabarese!

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