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Patrick Boyani, Total CEO who earns 6 million a year complains | Gramellini coffee

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It would be too easy to mock the drama Patrick Pouyanne, director of the French multinational company Total, complains To earn less than his European and American counterparts: Misery six million a yearTo the delight of the striking workers and motorists queuing in front of empty distributors.

Boyan will reply to that Our social envy and that he has the right to feel underpaid Compared to colleagues who play a similar role in other companies. What he escapes, I fear, Bad timing for his initiative.

In times of widespread prosperity, corn battles between millionaires go unnoticed or at least cause less sensation. But in times like these, with endless lists of companies going into bankruptcy with expensive bills and hundreds of thousands of families failing to make it through the middle of the month, a manager who publicly flaunts his salary chart to point out, freaked out, is what earned in the year of Covid. Only four million, and in order to reward herself for that gigantic sacrifice, six million have now been set aside, here, Such a man has completely lost his sense of opportunity And maybe from reality, too.

Obviously, the director of Total thinks he belongs to a class of demigods completely separate from the surrounding landscape. And yet (think a little about how we, humans, come together) we can still feel like a victim suffering because no one takes pity on him.

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