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I will explain the mechanism of KOLs”

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In Bologna Ilario de Giovannatista and d. He met Giuseppe de Bella to talk about the current state of treatment and the background behind the choices of official medicine he regularly neglects.

Dr. De Bella, who has dedicated himself full time to his father Luigi’s legacy, works hard to ensure that treatment is provided to those who seek it.

Several issues are addressed, some inconvenient. One wonders why “This treatment, although there is scientific evidence, has now also been published in leading scientific journalsutterly disavowed.” And why, in hospitals, “This treatment is not applied if someone asks for it.”. The answer can be found in the mechanisms of power which, by realizing their own economic interests, give insight to those who are willing to adapt their logic.

There are cases published in scientific journals attesting to the validity of this approach. A different approach than the most powerful traditional cancer treatment approach. De Bella offers a biological approach.”

soon d. De Bella will publish a new book, and in September the conference is set, once again, to share its discoveries with the scientific community.

As Ilario de Giovambattista reminds us, we must remember that “Dignity and quality of life during illness are paramount”.

The live speech of Dr. from Bella.

“Treatment guidelines are set at the political level, at the institutional level. So whoever has the authority draws these guidelines. Whether they are the same, consider or bolster scientific evidence … is another matter. In 1997 Prof. Garatini was chair of the Individual Drugs Committee, and the government persuaded them to put together a court ruling for him, legally speaking, the doctor who prescribed melatonin. The primary role of melatonin was already clear at the time. Today if you go and search PubMed.GovernmentOn melatonin you will find thousands of publications that assert in an indisputable mathematical way that the scientific evidence for melatonin is an essential place in the treatment of all tumors because it intervenes in the commonality of tumors. Why is it not included in the ministerial protocols?

In December 1997 there was a press release signed by Interim Minister Rosie Bindi shared by all the leading Italian health research bodies, What did they say? This de Bella remedy has no dignity or scientific basis.

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On the one hand, there is the political and institutional authority that makes statements, and these statements have no equivalent in official global databases. Compared to then, the situation has accelerated, and is significantly worse, more difficult, and more dangerous.

Not even a month after the Nobel Prize title was published.”Somatostatin and the use of somatostatin in tumorsImpressive effect of melatonin in tumors, the main institutional authorities tell you that the mainstay in de Bella’s treatment, somatostatin has no dignity, no scientific basis. This is to give a comprehensive picture of the extent to which the contamination of politics, the contamination of the Political Department of Research and Medicine has led to the situation They are advancing in this discourse.

Only papers that do not conflict with consolidated interests are published in the “Journal”, at which point it is published, otherwise it will not be published. Another publication standard is the famous KOLS that multinational companies raise and then impose. If someone publishes in The Lancet or Nature, two or three publications are enough and he becomes a shining star. In this way they build strengths-like character careers and then direct certain choices.

It can be found on the or . databases search portal. There are hundreds of reviews, and they have been cited in publications by other authors, many of which are related to melatonin which has a vital role, and are not considered in official protocols. It is never possible, with scientific evidence of this magnitude that it has yet to be exploited. They are not used for reasons that cannot be admitted.”

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