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Ultimate Challenge for Snowboard Cross CDM at Mount St. Anne: Azuri OKs Qualifiers

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Five Italians will compete in the final of the Snowboard Cross World Cup, scheduled for the weekend on the Canadian snow of Mount St. Anne (Saturday live elimination stage starts at 5.30 pm, Sunday Race-2 at 5.00 pm) .

In case of eligibility, Lorenzo Somariva became the Azzurri’s best in sixth, with Omar Visintin, 19, going all out in these last two races and trying to overtake Martin Norl, who preceded him with Lucas Aguibar and Lone. The Pozzolo runs near the South Tyrolean. The good news: as of today, Norl, Aguibar and Bosolo will already compete in the quarter-finals, and at least one of them will be out, with the Azzurri Matteo Menconi (27th test in qualifying) at the top of the scoreboard (27th test in qualifying) in the round of 16 with Somariva and Michael Godino, 26th, tomorrow. Plays his cards.

In front of everyone Landlord Elliott Grandin was ahead of Austrian and world champion Jakob Dusek.

Francesca Galina, on the other hand, made the cut in the women’s qualifiers and finished 11th, while another player in blue from Canada, Sofia Belingeri, finished second with an 18th time trial. Charlotte Banks is the favorite for “coppone” over Chloe Trespeuch, today in the “Prologue” Canadian Audrin McManinan finished ahead of everyone, followed by American Lindsey Jacobellis and German Jana Fischer.

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