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Trudeau’s disarmed assassination in Canada…stabbing

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Gabriel Wortman, a dentist in Canadian Manitoba, has a passion for wearing police uniforms on horseback: 18 people were killed by “assault” rifles and carbines (later found to have been smuggled from the United States), with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a massive move to ban weapons defined as “assault” A pointless move in response, followed in recent weeks by a ban on short arms (which, at the moment, includes importation. Banned).

The truth is, apparently, It has been shown quite dramatically that these measures are not capable of preventing the occurrence of mass murders. Perpetrated by madmen or terrorists (it is still unclear what the illusory motives of the two perpetrators of the massacre at 13 different points were) Exemplifies their excellent verbal nature. Canada seems destined to begin imitating Great Britain in every respect, both in terms of strictness in the matter of legally owned firearms, but, apparently, in the fact that murders have not been prevented. , with tools other than guns or (as indeed happened in the 2020 massacre) with firearms of illegal origin.

What the overall cost of withdrawing the “assault” weapons banned by Prime Minister Trudeau has yet to be defined in detail (the deadline for action has been pushed back to October 2023), but by then Canadian police officers (Police mounted at the front) They pointed out that the funds would have been more effective in strengthening the police force, with particular reference to border control with the United States, where most of the illegal weapons used by Canadian criminals came from.

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