April 24, 2024

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Ukraine’s live war – Putin expels 24 Italian diplomats from Russia. Draghi: “A hostile act does not close the channels of diplomacy”

Ukraine’s live war – Putin expels 24 Italian diplomats from Russia.  Draghi: “A hostile act does not close the channels of diplomacy”

007 Kyiv: “The Russians are tired of fighting”

Russian soldiers ‘weight’ On the continuation of attacks by Ukrainian forces in the occupied part of the region Zaporizhia. It stems from an interception seized by the Ukrainian Security Service (Sbu) that shared the information on Telegram, which was reported by Ukrinform. A Russian soldier complained on the phone with his friend about the constant attacks of the Ukrainians and told him that every night his unit had to fight. “sabotage groups” Which are constantly “on” Russian units. The Russian soldier said he was “tired” and wanted to go home. Some of his comrades – he confessed to his friend – are already on the verge of a nervous breakdown and are ready to stop the fight regardless of the possible consequences. The two conclude the conversation by saying goodbye in Ukrainian.

The first Russian soldier to stand trial: I’m guilty

declared himself sinner who killed a unarmed civilian Sgt Vadim ChesimarinHe is the first Russian soldier to be tried in Ukraine about war crimes. The BBC reported that Shishimarin is accused of shooting an unarmed 62-year-old civilian in the days following the start of the invasion and faces a life sentence.

Moscow expels 27 Spanish diplomats

there Russia package 27 Spanish diplomats In retaliation for similar action taken by the Madrid government against Russian diplomats. This was reported by the Moscow Foreign Ministry, which declared in a statement that 27 employees of the Spanish Embassy in Moscow and the Consulate General in St. Petersburg were “persona non grata.” Diplomats must leave Russia within 7 days from the date of delivery of the note to the ambassador, M Gomez Martinez.

UN: 3,752 civilians killed in the conflict

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said 3,752 civilians have been killed in Ukraine since the Russian invasion on February 24. And wounded 4,062 others. BBC reports it. Most of the civilian casualties were caused by shelling, missiles and air strikes. The High Commissioner believes that the actual numbers of civilian casualties in the conflict are much higher.

Helsinki: “Our army will help the European Union”

Finland and Sweden will make a significant contribution to security. We have a strong, modern army and we are already cooperating with NATO. I am very grateful to Prime Minister Draghi for Italy’s support. Finland will be a reliable partner to NATO and will contribute to global security.” Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin stated this at a press conference in Rome.

Marin: “Finland is ready to do more”

‘EU response’ against Russia It was ‘strong and united but we need to do more. There Finland ready to consider new joint measures to reduce Russian revenue from energy exports.” Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin stated this during the press conference with the Prime Minister. Mario Draghi.

Kyiv: “200 sexual violence and 60 against children”

“we are trying 700 calls per day And we have already collected almost a report 43 thousand war crimes. There are at least 200 sexual violence against citizens and in 60 cases they are children.” These are some numbers describing the atrocities inflicted on the Ukrainian people by the Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova Today welcomed the President of the Regional Council of the Lazio region Marco Vincenzi. Denisova explained that the calls reported “heinous crimes, such as witnessing the killing of family members. This drives us to despair, and for this reason – he explained – a psychological support phone line is also available: we have already received 1,100 calls. In at least 104 cases out of 400 A report of a family murder, we received confirmation of the presence of children.” “Several reports of war crimes – added Denisova – arrive in the last hours of Kharkiv: within an hour, two days ago, 10 arrived. For eight reports of violence against minors and in two cases of 10-year-olds.”

Draghi: “We travel with Finland”

Since the end of World War II We are traveling companions. Finland was admitted to the United Nations in 1955. Relations are excellent and in recent years we have had a gradual strengthening of relations. In the 1995 Finland joined the European Union. In recent weeks we have shown great unity with Ukraine also in seeking a negotiated solution and we will continue to do so.” The Prime Minister said that Mario Draghi at a press conference.

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