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Hospital accused of paracetamol overdose. Laura weighs only 36 kg.

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young family dead woman Because’overdose from paracetamol in a public hospital English, sued the health facility. Laura Higginson, a trained attorney and mother of two, went to hospital for pneumonia in April 2017. But the woman died two weeks later Multiorgan failure and sepsis. Weston Hospital, in Merseyside, as reported by The Independent, admitted the overdose as the cause of death but also denied any responsibility, giving an entirely different account of the story and ruling out, in effect, guilt.

the report

However, reports from experts polled by The Independent still remain Liver specialistIt might sound like he’s throwing the hospital on his responsibilities. woman – which weighs only 36 kg – He was going to have aCirrhosis due to an overdose of paracetamol. The error was acknowledged by medical staff on the third day, but Laura’s family was not informed. On the contrary, doctors would have put a Report «littered with inaccuracy» Cover up the story. These are the words he uses laura’s husband, Anthony HigginsonIn an interview with The Independent: «We only want justice. We don’t care about money. Laura died in vain and all the institutions responsible for ensuring safe care suddenly failed, making Laura’s life a number, a worthless statistic.»


Anthony, a former soldier, spent thousands of pounds to force the regime to reopen the case. A third Sharia judge has now opened an investigation. The Royal Prosecution Service (CPS) has confirmed that it is considering bringing murder charges to the St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals Teaching Trust, which operates Weston Hospital, after a file was handed over to them by Merseyside police. The delay in making a decision on the case prompted Laura’s family to speak up. The young woman’s mother, Denise, was clear: «We are obstructions at all times and it is not fair».

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Laura’s death does not seem like an isolated case. Overdose in underweight adults on NHS hospital wards was reported by the safety watchdog, the Health Care Safety Investigations Branch, in a report earlier this year. There have been six incidents at St Helen’s Trust in the past four years where patients received a higher dose of acetaminophen than they should have due to lower body weight.

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