October 3, 2023

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Ukraine-Russia War, Today’s News | Lula to Putin: “We are ready to mediate with India and China.” Bombs are dropping constantly

Ukraine-Russia War, Today’s News |  Lula to Putin: “We are ready to mediate with India and China.”  Bombs are dropping constantly

• Pro-Russian: «Kiev strikes Mariupol with British long-range missiles».
• Cardinal Filoni: «Zuppi’s only interlocutor with Zelensky-Putin»
• The Chinese envoy gives Xi’s advice on the Ukrainian crisis to Putin.

07:15 – Cardinal Filoni: “An envoy like Saddam.”

(by Gian Guido Vicky) Pope Cardinal Filoni has chosen Cardinal Zubi as “envoy” for his mission for peace in Ukraine. In 2003 I was ambassador to Iraq and Wojtyla Etchegaray was sent to Baghdad. Do you see any similarities?
“The analogy lies precisely in the appointment of an extraordinary envoy. It is a work of great concern towards the belligerents. This means that the pope not only uses the usual tools, but more than that, it is an important signal to the parties.

07:04 – Ukraine, negotiation tests: the goal of the situation

(by Alessandro Trosino) We’ve been waiting for it for months but it hasn’t really started. there Negotiating a compromise in Ukraine It is the only alternative to military victory for either side of the conflict. Many states and authorities have tried for some time, but to no avail. And they weren’t always honest initiatives.

This time to take the field three important players, albeit very different: Chinathe Brazil and the dad. We are still in the early stages: not much was expected, but it is still the first step.

Lee HuiThe Chinese Special Representative for Eurasian Affairs, who is visiting Moscow, held 90-minute talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov yesterday. Finally, the usual press release came out. But according to rumors that Wall Street Journal, Li Hui had handed over to Europe the real outcome of the negotiations: Russia should be left in possession of the parts of Ukraine it now occupies, that is, the annexed regions. And the American newspaper explains that the proposal was not accepted by Kiev or its European allies.

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Then there The Vatican Peacekeeping Mission. There is no date yet, but Moscow, again through Lavrov’s mouth, already considers it “positive”. The Vatican’s foreign minister, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, welcomes Moscow to attend. It should be remembered that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has shown no interest in the Pope’s mediation, and Parolin explains that “Kiev will not be inclined to mediation in the strict sense of the word.” But the Vatican mission does not have an immediate goal for mediation, he says: “It aims to create an atmosphere, that is, to help move towards a peaceful solution.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin renewed Moscow’s readiness for dialogue on Ukraine during a telephone interview With his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. According to the Kremlin, the diplomatic path “is still blocked by Kiev and its Western patrons,” but Lula, for his part, said he was ready to lead the dialogue.

Meanwhile, war
Skirmishes, tactical positions, preliminary statements. But better than the gun noise that shows no sign of stopping. Dnipro has been under attack for a week. A tuberculosis clinic was hit: two dead and 30 wounded, including two children. Three doctors are missing.

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05:08 – Kiev is a member of the WHO board of directors despite Moscow’s opposition

Ukraine joined the Executive Committee of the World Health Organization despite Russia’s attempts to prevent it. Among the 10 new “entrants” to the three-year mandate are North Korea as well. Moscow tried to block Kiev by forcing a vote, its first since 1977, instead of the usual gesture, but it was defeated by 123 votes to 13. During the General Assembly, WHO member states backed a resolution condemning the wars in Ukraine and Russia. Attacks on the country’s health services. He commented that it was “a resounding defeat for Russia, which has failed in its reckless attempts to undermine the authority of the WHO regional committees and disrupt the work of the World Health Assembly and its Executive Committee”. Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Yevgenia Filippenko. For its part, the Russian delegation said that it “deeply regrets that the Assembly voted for a country that will simply further politicize the work of the Executive Committee,” indicating that it is against “politicizing the work of the World Health Organization.”

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02:39 – The Russians bombed seven communities in the Sumy region

“Russian forces bombed seven communities in Sumy Oblast, Ukraine,” it added. Local authorities reported this, explaining that the Russians targeted the communities of Seredyna-Buda, Novoslobidske, Velyka Pysarivka, Shalyhyne, Yunakivka, Myropillia and Bilopillia. Officials recorded 58 mortar and artillery strikes on the settlements, according to the Kiev Independent newspaper. Russian bombing destroyed the community of Velyka Pysarivka “Home of Creative Children and Youth”, a local secondary school and administration building. In the community of Bilobelia, a power line was damaged.

02:36 a.m. – Biden, Moscow nukes in Belarus? Very bad

Joe Biden criticizes Moscow for planting nuclear weapons in Belarus. In fact, the US President responded to reporters who asked him about his reaction: “Very negative.”

02:30 – 007 Kiev, the Russians are preparing for a provocation in Zaporozhye

Russia “is preparing for a large-scale provocation at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant by simulating an accident.” This was reported by the Ukrainian military intelligence, reports Ukrinform. To this end, a direct attack will be carried out on the territory of the nuclear facility. Then an emergency leak of radioactive material will be declared. Ukraine will, as always, bear responsibility for the incident,” Gore said, stating that the Russians’ goal is to launch a “detailed investigation during which all hostilities will cease,” in order to buy time to “regroup.” According to Kiev’s intelligence services, for Concealing their actions as much as possible, the occupiers stopped the rotation of personnel of the Permanent Observer Mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency.The aim of this action is to prompt the international community to conduct a detailed investigation during which all hostilities will cease.Thus, the bribers hope to obtain the long-awaited pause, which will work On the reorganization of the occupation squad and stop the Ukrainian counterattack, ”says the Main Intelligence Directorate and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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8.30pm – Lula to Putin: ‘We are ready to mediate with India and China’

The President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva speaks with Putin and reiterates Brazil’s willingness, along with India, Indonesia and China, to talk for peace in Ukraine. Lola himself reported it on Twitter. I just got off the phone with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. I thanked him for inviting him to participate in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, to which I replied that at the moment I could not go to Russia, but reiterated Brazil’s readiness, along with India, Indonesia and China, for dialogue with both sides of the conflict in search of peace, “the head of state tweeted. Brazilian.