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Fight against time to save it, you’ve been digging for a day

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They have been digging for hours to save the life of little boy Tanmay Diawar, 8 years old, who fell into an artesian well in Mandavi village, India. The child is now in the dark, in the underground cavity for about a day. He fell into the well while he was playing nearby, when he was once swallowed up by the well, about 17 meters deep and immersed in mud.

Beating and threatening the children of the family home: the arrest of the husband and wife. Little girl crying: “I can’t take it anymore”

Tragic death

Nearby there is an excavator and several rescue workers, who are trying in every way to deliver oxygen to the child, even if his condition is unknown, since there is no way to communicate with him. Artesian wells are widespread in rural India, but they are often left exposed and pose a grave danger especially to children who become victims of numerous accidents every year.

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