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Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war | The disappearance of a third American fighter and the photos of the other two prisoners appear

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From Lorenzo Cremonesi, Andrea Nicastro and Online Editorial

The news on Friday 17 June about the war, live: Zelensky of the army: preparing for a possible attack from Belarus

• The war came in Ukraine Today 114.
• Historic mission yesterday for the three European leaders – Draghi, Schulze and Macron – Who met with Ukrainian President Zelensky in Kyiv.
• Medvedev attacks the visit harshly: a useless visit to eat frogs, sausage and pasta.
• From Moscow, Lavrov stated that contacts with Europe have disappeared from Russia’s priorities.

How do you get it The fierce struggle for Lugansk continues And the Russians attack from nine directions. Pro-Russian forces announced that they had entered the vicinity of the Azot chemical plant in Severodonetsk.

7:31 a.m. – Sanna Marin, Finland (and Turkey number)

At the Davos Forum in January 2020, there was a lot of anticipation for the new Finnish Prime Minister. SannaMarin was elected a month ago, aged 34 at the time was the youngest female prime minister and the youngest woman to head a government in the world. Not only. Because the coalition led by the Social Democrats was made up of five parties and all of them included women under the age of thirty-five as leaders. “Where do you meet?” Someone on the board asked if he was a guest. She replied coldly: “It works like any other government and we don’t meet in the women’s locker room.” He added, “In every position I’ve held, my kind and petite has always been my starting point. I hope it will not remain a topic one day, and this question will not be asked anymore. I want to do my job as best as possible. I am neither better nor worse than a middle-aged man.”

Thus begins the portrait dedicated by Paolo Valentino – In the seventh issue of newsstands with Corriere, here Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland.

It was – together with President Sauli Nesto – who decided and implemented a historic turning point for the Nordic country: to abandon historical neutrality and demand to join NATO.

It is now up to you to try – with allied partners – to overcome the only remaining obstacle to effective accession to NATO: Turkey does not.

And he does so by drawing on a character and a personal history that revolves around a concept expressed in Finnish with the word sisu: In the face of difficulties, we prepare ourselves to suffer in the name of those who will come later.

The full picture is here

07:21 a.m. – A counterattack on the horizon?

(Gianluca MercuryAndrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio, at their military pointdescribing two armies on the edge, with Ukrainian recognition A thousand losses a day And the Russians who come to show the recruits 3-4 thousand dollars in wages plus bonuses.

The Russians always pay to seize Severodonetsk and other sites in the Donbass. A rush explained by the announcement of the US Chief of Staff Mark Milley: We have effectively delivered the equivalent of 12 artillery battalions, the NATO contact group sent 97,000 anti-tank weapons, which is more than the number of tanks in the world. They ordered 200 tanks, they got 237. They ordered 100 armored combat vehicles, they got 300.

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Ukrainian counterattack on the horizon? And soon he says: The resolve of the aggressor remained, and perhaps underestimated it, despite the chronic flaws that sustained its assault. The next few weeks will be a real test of Putin’s ambitions and Zelensky’s hopes.

07:10 am – Draghi pushed Ukraine into the EU

(Gianluca Mercury) The Historic visit by the leaders of Italy, France and Germany to Kyiv Ended with or with turning point: The commitment of the three leading countries of the European Union to make Ukraine join the community of the freest and most prosperous countries on the planet, and its recognition as soon as possible of candidate status.

It was the most realistic way to repeat it Europe unambiguously on the side of the country attacked by RussiaFor its part, this sends new signs of the lack of negotiations and further cuts in gas supplies.

Those who thought an unhelpful and belated review had to change their mind: Mario Draghi, Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Schultz’s trip to Kyiv It will be remembered as One of the most tangible political gestures ever in Europe’s turbulent history. The three leading countries of the continent, the three largest economies, their leaders, have solemnly stated that they want Ukraine with them that they are with Ukraine, without condition.

Night turn on the train

It was my bikeat the summit that ended at two o’clock yesterday morning on board the convoy that left Poland, To overcome the last resistance of his fellow missionaries. With Macron, the Prime Minister advanced, Marco Galuzzo says, already last week, at a closed dinner at the Elysee. Until the beginning of June, in fact, France was still steadfast on the idea of ​​a political community other than the European Union, for which Ukraine could be a candidate.

Even more surprising The step taken by Germany: From the skepticism that prevailed a few weeks ago, from the silences that angered Zelensky’s government, to a nearly 180-degree turn: the chancellor not only promises missile systems, new-generation weapons and Iris technology, but announces in a solemn way that it will be “categorical”, next week in Brussels, In support of the official candidacy of Ukraine.

• What are the changes in conflict management?
It will take (at least) a few days to answer this question. We must understand, if the emotional legacy of the ruins of Kyiv and the meeting with Zelensky will change The Three-State Approach to War. In fact, France, Germany and Italy have so far represented the negotiating front, one that does not give up opening any negotiations with Russia without at the same time lacking economic and military support for Ukraine.

• What moved Germany, France and Italy so far?

Schulz had to serve decades of German politics and its apparent degeneration into an unsustainable appeasement of the Russians: concerns for the German economy and hesitation about Ukrainian rearmament contributed to Germany’s hesitant image.

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Macron, for his part, was the leader of the dialogue with Putin, and In the repeated call not to humiliate Russia He expressed his conviction – common to the three countries – not to be able to defeat it definitively, but to be able to put it up for negotiations in the best possible conditions for the Ukrainians. Therefore, they must be supported and armed so that they are strong at the negotiating table, but they must not be deceived by the ability to reach a final settlement of the results, and to their full advantage (as the British, the Poles and the Baltic states seem to believe).

Yesterday the French president seemed to change his tone: France side by side with Ukraine From day one, we are side by side with Ukrainians without ambiguity, Ukraine must be able to resist and win.

(Macron’s moves in this crisis are reported by Stefano Montefiore and political scientist Sophia Ventura on today’s Corriere Daily podcast, which you can listen to here).

As for Draghi, he has gradually joined Macron although he is more skeptical than him about the possibility of relocating Putin. But the threat of internal instability due to the stomachache of Lega and 5 Steele, an increasingly serious economic and energy crisis and a new wave of African refugees unleashed by the Ukrainian wheat blockade, prompt him to do everything possible to speed up. end of conflict. It is no coincidence that it was the prime minister who made it clear to Biden, Face to face in May at the White House, the European Union wants peace.

At the same time, Draghi was always determined to support the European Ukraine and yesterday Repeat this emphaticallyWe must create a community of peace and rights that unites Kyiv with Berlin, Rome and Paris, and the Ukrainians stand up for our values ​​of freedom, and those of the European Union, and for this we will support their candidacy for the next European Council. Europe must face challenges with courage, with the same courage that Zelensky has shown.

(This analysis was published in PrimaOra, the daily newsletter that Courier maintains for its subscribers. To subscribe to Punto, of which PrimaOra is one of the three appointments, just go here)

02:01 – First photo of two Americans captured, hands tied

Check out the first photo of the two Americans have been arrested in Ukraine. The footage, broadcast by CNN, appeared to show the two with their hands tied behind their backs. third american, veteran from the marines Grady Corbasi, also disappeared in Ukraine. This was stated by officials in the US administration, citing CNN. The last time we heard about him was Ben April 23 and 24. Corbasi served twenty years in the Marines and decided to leave volunteering in Ukraine.

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01:26 – Zelensky to the army: check for a possible attack from Belarus

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has ordered the Armed Forces to verify getting ready To defend the four regions of Western Ukraine in the event of an invasion of the territory Belarus. This was explained by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council in Kyiv, Oleksiy Danilov. Unian reports that. It was the question of Belarus discuss And all our bodies are concerned, what is happening there, what is the status of the Belarusian army and how many are there Russian forces He said.

01:13 – For London, Russia lost the war strategically

Russia already has strategically lost Its war with Ukraine, incurring heavy losses and NATO strengtheningBritain’s defense chief said in an interview published on Friday. this fatal mistake from Russia. Russia will never control Ukraine, said Tony Radakin, the country’s highest-ranking military officer, adding that less power would emerge. Russia has already lost strategically. there born strongerHe told the British news agency “Press Association” that Finland and Sweden are looking forward to union.

Radakin said that Russian President Vladimir Putin can get it Tactical successes In the coming weeks, he sacrificed a quarter of his country’s army strength for small profits And she’s running out of troops and high-tech missiles. The admiral said that the Russian car takes off and gains a few kilometers – two, three and five kilometers every day. And Russia has some asthenia Because she’s running out of people, her high-tech missiles are running out.

Use President Putin around 25 percent From the strength of his army to gain a small area of ​​land and 50,000 dead or wounded. Russia stands to fail. Radakin praised brave He promised the Ukrainian people that the UK would support Kyiv in the long term with more weapons. we introduced Anti-tank weaponsHe said that there are other elements that we offer and will continue.

00:02 – The United States of America, news of the loss of a third American

The US State Department said it was aware of this Third American news Who went to Ukraine to fight against Russia and who went missing in recent weeks. Unfortunately, we do not know all the details of this case Ned Price at a press conference. reports that CNN.

Price said the department is in contact with the families of other US citizens captured in Ukraine, as well as with the Ukrainian authorities and the International Committee of the Red Cross, but similarly cannot confirm reports that these two citizens have been captured. “We continue to urge US citizens in every possible way not to travel to Ukraine because of the dangers posed by Russia’s continued aggression,” Price concluded.

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