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It is the third episode in Galicia- Corriere.it

It is the third episode in Galicia- Corriere.it

spotted file anesthetic in Spain, off the coast of Villarcia, Galicia. He was spotted by a fisherman who then raised the alarm, prompting the patrol boats to intervene in the somewhat choppy waters. The unit is semi submerged in a vertical position and in fact only the arch protrudes. It is not clear if it was deserted or had some navigation problems. Investigative sources do not rule out that there may be Bond with two boats, brand new and each driven by three 300 engines, abandoned on a nearby beach a few weeks ago: they may have brought the load ashore. For the time being, the available data were obtained at a later time An inspection conducted using an underwater drone: about 15 meters in length, it appears to be a low-flying boat similar to the one that was intercepted in the north of the country four years ago. In the first analysis, expert HI Sutton found points of contact.

These are vessels that usually float on the surface of the water, leaving the upper part of the structure and a small tower protruding. Propulsion is ensured by internal or external motors. Now the investigators Work to understand the origin and purpose from the private ship. This is the third episode of the Narcosubs – as they are defined in a specific language despite not having the ability to dive – in this Iberian region. The most sensational case in 2019 when 3 tons of cocaine were withheld. According to the investigation It started from the Amazon Riverand then across the Atlantic to head to Galicia Since it was supposed to “deliver” the drug to a local network. It was about 20 meters long Three crew members who have all been arrested.

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The amazing smuggling mission fails because Bad weather, technical problems and missed appointments With whom he should act as a support. phenomenon semi submersible It is widespread in South and Central America, with the participation of cartels and Marxist militants of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. It is they who build “ships” in the forest and then transport them to the sea using canals. Its cost is about a million dollars. Once they reached their destination they drowned While the crew returns with the help of Grid. Just yesterday the Colombian Navy announced that it had done so Narcosp withheld: Two ‘pirates’ were lifeless and two others were in serious condition due to toxic fumes. Indeed, for a long time these boats were considered “floating coffins” due to the difficult conditions.